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The top 10 first date ideas in Toronto

First date ideas in Toronto don't have to be the source of cold sweats and general anxiety. This city is a great place to meet new people, and once you finally have someone who agrees to meet up IRL, the options for first date venues are endless. While there are some places and activities that you surely want to avoid, a little creativity will help you to make a good first impression.

Here are my picks for fun first date ideas in Toronto.

Hit up a trivia night
Trivia nights are perfect for bonding with a new friend, having fun, and showing off how much you know about super obscure topics. Top recommendations go to Woo Hoo! Classic Simpsons Trivia- nothing feels as close to true love as frantically spitting out the lyrics to Can I Borrow A Feeling in unison with someone you just met.

Go on an art gallery hop
Art galleries are prime for enjoying the local art scene while pretending to be intellectual. Check out West Queen West or St. Helens for the best art galleries with great restaurants nearby.

Go pup watching at the Dog Bowl
Looking at cute dogs puts everyone in a good mood and sets the stage for some great conversation ("Did you have a pet as a kid? Would you ever want to adopt a dog? Who really let the dogs out?").

Play a game at a board game cafe/bar
Board games are a great way to get to know someone and exactly how seriously they take the rules of Settlers of Catan. Snakes and Lattes and Castle are great for coffee drinkers, while Snakes and Lagers and Roll Play are best for getting wrecked while rolling dice.

Express your altruistic side and have fun while doing something great for the city. Best bets go to AIDS Committee of Toronto's Condom Stuffing Parties, where volunteers assemble condom and lube packs while having a blast and snacking on free refreshments.

Play a game of trampoline dodgeball
Getting physical on the first date is always a good idea, especially if it involves lots of rubber and getting hit repeatedly with balls. Trampoline Dodgeball at SkyZone is unbelievably fun and high-adrenaline (which, studies show, is important in tricking people into loving you).

Take a class at The Shop
Learning something with your new beau is a great way to spend a fun afternoon. Plus, if the relationship doesn't work out, at least you have some sweet new skills to woo other potential suitors.

Catch a film at the one of Toronto's alternative cinema spaces
Going to the movies is something of a dubious first date idea (no time to talk!), but watching a film at an unconventional theatre is a different story. Not only does it feel like more of an event, but the interesting programming will provide fodder for post-date conversation so you won't be stuck filling the silence with awkward questions about which Dance Moms kid is their favourite.

Go for a coffee or beer tasting
Trying something new on a first date is always fun, and it's even better when it involves caffeine or booze. For a coffee tasting, check out Pilot Coffee Roasters and for beer the Indie Alehouse is a solid bet, though many of the city's top beer bars will hook you up.

Picnic on the Toronto Islands
The Islands are a great place for a mini-getaway from the city. For $7 for the ferry and the cost of the food (free, if stolen from your roommate), this is a great option for a fun day on a tight budget.

What did I miss? Add your favourite first date ideas in the comments.

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