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GO Transit is offering big deals on fare options to help you get around Toronto

Adventures in Ontario often rely on finding the best travel options; whether you're planning a group ride to the beach, a trip out to the farm for some berry picking, or a weekend camping excursion.

Now is the time to look no further than the expansive GO Transit network, which offers a wide variety of pricing options for adults, families, and kids.

Here are some fun Ontario and Toronto travel options that'll pair well with affordable GO Transit passes. 

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Make the best memories with your family

Leave the car at home and take the kiddies to some fun excursions like Centre Island, an Immersive Disney Animation, or even a Toronto Blue Jays game on Jr. Jays Sundays with the Kids GO Free fare.

Children under 12 can always ride GO trains and buses for free, meaning adults can focus on connecting with them over a card game or round of trivia as GO Transit zooms towards the exciting destination.

go transitAdditionally, teens (13 to 19 years old, regardless of school status) can receive a 40 per cent discount with PRESTO on GO Transit via the Youth Fare concession.

Weekend Day Pass

With Ontario's summer season in short supply, getting out to explore often necessitates some weekend planning.

GO Transit's $10 One-Day Weekend Pass will take you anywhere you need to go with unlimited travel on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

go transit fares

So, why not gather the crew and head to a street festival?

You could take the GO to Union Station, grab a Spadina streetcar after your arrival and head up to Toronto's Chinatown for a Kensington Pedestrian Sunday.

Summer Weekday Passes

Who says fun only happens on the weekends? With the GO Weekday Group Passes, the party never stops — not even on a Tuesday.

go transitTravel with up to four friends during any weekday, across the entire GO network, unlimited.

It costs just $30 for two people, $40 for three, $50 for four, and just $60 for five people. This fare option is perfect for Blue Jays games, concerts and even back-to-school shopping dates.

Sunshine and The Falls

Heading to Niagara Falls or Niagara-on-the-Lake? GO Transit offers three travel options depending on the day of the week. For a day trip, consider the $18 Adult Pass which includes an unlimited GO Transit and WEGO day pass.

Overnight travellers can use the $25 Adult Pass which includes unlimited GO Train access and an unlimited 48-hour pass for the WEGO Bus.

go transitMaybe there's a multi-day trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake in your plans? The best option could be the $30 Adult fare which includes an unlimited 48-hour pass for the WEGO Bus With NOTL & Falls Incline Railway Service.

Free for furry friends

That's not all the perks that GO Transit offers. Leashed dogs can always travel free on GO trains and buses outside of rush hour, plus, using your PRESTO card at certain regional activities can provide some discounts as well.

go transitYou can check out GO Transit's event page for the latest news, announcements and partnerships. 

So get out there this summer and remember, GO Transit has you covered for all of your transportation needs!

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