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This Toronto spot is a celeb fav for its Nashville hot chicken sandwiches and mac n' cheese

If you're a lover of the hot chicken made iconic by the city of Nashville, Tennessee, then there's no way you haven't tried (or at least heard of) Chen Chen's Nashville Hot Chicken. The restaurant is a staple spot to get the famous dish here in Toronto, whether by eating in, or ordering pickup or delivery through SkipTheDishes.

Chen Chen's started as a series of pop-ups founded by the owner of the same name, who spent two decades living in the Music City and thus grew up enjoying authentic hot chicken. 

The dish is a specialty that is highly spiced not only in its coating, but also with the hot sauce that it comes drenched in — a culinary experience that Chen Chen says "stuck with him" after he first tried it, with hot chicken instantly becoming one of his favourite foods.

It's just one of the iconic dishes from popular local spots that you can order with Skip, whether to grab in-person or have sent right to your door.

hot chicken torontoChen Chen's is known, of course, for its chicken sandwiches and tenders that are marinated for 24 hours, double breaded, and come in five different levels of spice ranging from Southern (none) to Poultrygeist (with ghost pepper).

But, its other takes on Southern comfort food are also huge fan favourites, such as its Nashville hot chicken mac n' cheese, which was a dish actually invented by customers who kept combining the two classic dishes on their own. Chen Chen decided to officially put it on the menu for his loyal customers who have continued to support him.

hot chicken torontoOther menu items include naked or dressed fries, creamy potato salad, sweet chili fried cauliflower, classic coleslaw and elote (in the form of corn ribs), all of which are very shareable, with many available as add-on sides to the main attraction.

When it comes to those sandos, you can dress them up as you'd like with pickles, aioli and ranch. And if you're a true super fan of Chen Chen's hot spice, you can even add a jar of it to your delivery order for home use.

hot chicken torontoAnd yes, this spot is a certified celeb favourite. This West Queen West restaurant has attracted customers like Simu Liu and J. Cole, both of whom made local headlines when they stopped by to pick up their own taste of Chen Chen's Nashville Hot Chicken while here in T.O.

(The latter celeb reportedly called the chicken "fire," said Chen Chen at the time.)

hot chicken torontoSo if you're in the mood for some chicken with a kick, ask yourself, "Did somebody say, Skip?" and order some of Chen Chen's famous food —which some customers have told the owners is actually better than the hot chicken they've had in Nashville.

And for those days you're not feeling chicken, you can check out more independent Toronto restaurants in the app's Local Goods section.

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This Toronto spot is a celeb fav for its Nashville hot chicken sandwiches and mac n' cheese

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