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Yuugi Izakaya

Yuugi Izakaya is a restaurant in Baldwin Village serving up a lean rotating menu of Japanese eats. 

The decor here is woodsy, but Yuugi feels slightly more contemporary than some other izakayas thanks to a more minimal design. Their patio is small but cozy. 

yuugi izakaya torontoIt also differs in that there aren't multiple pages in the menu. No more than 20 dishes make up the seasonal selection here at a time. 

yuugi izakaya torontoThe restaurant, which is run by a chef from Nagoya, makes an effort to use local ingredients sourced from Toronto, or alternatively, directly from Japan. 

yuugi izakaya torontoA tonkatsu sando takes a very popular item from yōshoku favourites, but forgoes shokupan for bread from Black Bird Baking Co.

Veggies are from St. Lawrence Market, and a panko-breaded ham (rather than more commonly used loinchops) comes from Sanagan's in Kensington.  Whether or not you're team crust-on, it's a tasty sando. 

yuugi izakaya torontoA karaage dish (which is usually served with mayo) comes with a nanban-style tartar sauce that requires you to mix garlic aioli with an onsen egg yourself. 

yuugi izakaya torontoMix thoroughly or leave some yolk intact for dipping your bit-sized karaage into.

yuugi izakaya torontoA hotate Hokkaido wasabi is a small and satisfying dish of slimy scallops mixed with Japanese horseradish. 

yuugi izakaya torontoA signature Yuugi sushi is flame-seared and pressed salmon smoked in house with maple wood chips.

yuugi izakaya torontoNo soy sauce is provided or needed. 

yuugi izakaya torontoHamachi tataki is flash-fried with a housemade batter and served on a bed of onions. It's recommended you eat this within two minutes of serving. 

After 10 p.m., Yuugi Izakaya becomes more of a bar, with a bar menu focus and drinks until 2 a.m. 

yuugi izakaya torontoThe Ginza Blue is a sake-based drink with blue caracao. 

yuugi izakaya torontoThe Shibuya Mango, their most popular cocktail, has rum, Amaretto, mango and plum.

yuugi izakaya torontoThe Roppongi Colada is definitely pretty and not bad-tasting, either, with rum, matcha, and pineapple.

yuugi izakaya toronto

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Yuugi Izakaya

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