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Yeah Yeah Thai

Yeah Yeah Thai is a restaurant in Chinatown that combines two stalwarts of Asian cuisine not commonly seen together in one setting: Hong Kong-style cafe snacks and Thai food.

yeah yeah thai torontoThe space is brightly lit and pleasant, adorned with many posters and garish neon lights of Thai and Hong Kong associated-imagery.

The decor walks a fine line between kitsch and artsy, which I find entertaining. It's slightly reminiscent of a Tiki bar, albeit with a much heavier Asian influence.

yeah yeah thai torontoThe food is a combination of traditional mixed with contemporary twists on both Thai and Hong Kong cafe dishes. Since the city has an excellent collection of both of these cuisines, I opted to try some of the more creative takes that Yeah Yeah Thai offers.

yeah yeah thai torontoCase in point: The Tom Yum Risotto with Cheese ($18.99) which is hands-down my favourite dish here.

You get the creaminess and cheesiness of a traditional risotto but infused with Thai flavours and herbs like basil and chilies. It's a flavour punch to the tastebuds.

yeah yeah thai torontoAnother dish that ranks high on the contemporary fusion spectrum is the Baked Thai Red Curry with Cheese on Fries ($12.99).

While the take on cheesy fries sauced with Thai red curry is interesting enough, it's the fact that the snack is baked like a Hong Kong cafe-style dish that takes it to another level of creativity.

yeah yeah thai torontoThere's the Tom Yum Style Stir-Fried Instant Noodle with Seafood ($17.99) that comes in a completely Insta-worthy presentation.

The instant noodle gives me Hong Kong vibes, while the rich tom yum-inspired sauce and oodles of seafood are straight out of Thailand. It's a happy marriage of both cuisines that is packed with flavour that is neither too spicy nor too sour.

yeah yeah thai torontoSomething a bit more classic is Yeah Yeah Thai's take on the Pad Krapow - The Pad Krapow Moo ($15.99).

The dish features extremely well-seasoned pork that's flavourful with a nice mild kick throughout. Eat it wrapped inside the fresh lettuce its served with and you get a nice balance of strong and neutral flavours, with a little textural contrast to boot.

yeah yeah thai torontoAnother classic Thai favourite is the Leng Saap ($15.99) which contains a generous amount of meaty pork bones in a sour-spicy clear broth. It is perfect on a cold day and is a great counter for some of Yeah Yeah Thai's richer offerings.

yeah yeah thai torontoThose who prefer a lighter fare might be interested in the Thai Basil Baked Eggs ($9.99). It's cooked with scallion, minced pork, and assorted vegetables, and served with a slightly sour sweet chili sauce.

yeah yeah thai torontoAnyone with a sweet tooth would love the Banana Roti with Condensed Milk ($9.99).

Finished with crushed peanuts, this sticky flatbread delivers with strong banana flavour (reminiscent of Thai delicacies) while tantalizing your taste buds with condensed milk (which is heavily featured in Hong Kong desserts). This is another excellent fusion of the two cultures.

yeah yeah thai torontoTo drink, the Cinnamon Iced Coffee ($8.99) flavours the Hong Kong/East Asian favourite with a pronounced cinnamon flavour. I find it interesting and done just right. It's better than a traditional iced capp, if you ask me.

yeah yeah thai torontoIf coffee's not your thing, get the Oatmeal Horlicks ($6.99 for a cold one). It's an absolute old-school Hong Kong favourite.

Alternatively, get a classic Thai Iced Milk Tea ($5.99) which is ubiquitous at all respectable Thai spots.

yeah yeah thai toronto

Yeah Yeah Thai is at 382 Spadina Avenue. 

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