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Tut's Egyptian Street Food

Tut's Egyptian Street Food specializes in sandwiches — specifically, the kind you'd find in the streets of Cairo.

Filled with modernized odes to the Egyptian capital, this casual spot is filled with graffiti-style hieroglyphs by Paul Glyn-Williams.

tuts torontoIt's a fun and colourful space that brings neon-lit re-imaginations of Tutankhamun, Nefertiti and Anubis. The staircase to the washroom is particularly epic. tuts egyptian torontoThe menu at Tut's is all about sandwiches. Equivalent to the hot dog stands in Toronto, Cairo's nightlife fare consists of sandwiches, filled with Egyptian-style meats and veggies, like ferakh (grilled chicken) and taameyya (fava bean falafels). 

tuts egyptian torontoIndividually, these sandwiches ($3.99 each) are hand-sized. I recommend you go with the combos: the Tut's deal ($9.99) gets you two sandwiches, fries and a soft drink; or the Tut's Plus ($15.99) equals four sandwiches plus the sides. 

tuts egyptian torontoWhatever combo you go for, it is, frankly, a steal. These sandwiches are delicious thanks to their house-made bread, which is baked fresh every two hours. After a night of drinking, these sandwiches beat street-side wieners, easily. 

tuts egyptian torontoSoft and fluffy, it's Tut's lighter take on the Egyptian bread eish fino. Texturally it reminds me of steamed bao buns, with a similar size.

My personal favourite is the kebda, a pan-fried beef liver served with their house-made tahini sauce and chili green peppers. 

tuts egyptian torontoThe soguk (grilled beef sausage) comes with caramelized onion, sumac and a mustard mint sauce. A kofta sandwich is a good chance to try their pickled cucumbers with their grilled minced beef.

tuts egyptian torontoFor vegetarian options, go for taameya or the arnabeet, which is tender fried cauliflower with tahini sauce.

tuts egyptian torontoTheir garlic sauce is killer. You can get it on the ferrakh or even on the side, with some garlic tomatoes ($2) or fries, which is sprinkled with their delicious dukka spice blend. 

tuts egyptian torontoFor dessert, don't miss out on the salakans ($3.99). It looks basic at first glance, but this sandwich is filled with halva and cream that brings a delicious explosion of flavour. 

tuts egyptian toronto

Find more Tut's locations on College St., Queensway and in Square One.

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Tut's Egyptian Street Food

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Tut's Egyptian Street Food

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