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Thai To Go

Thai To Go and I should get along just fine this winter. As soon as the cold weather starts to hit, the incidences of me ordering take-out goes through the roof. There's definitely something about cold November nights and me not wanting to cook and clean dishes.

Such was the case earlier this month. I'd heard good things about Thai To Go (on Gerrard East near River) so I decided to give it a try. Their menu features more than 72 options from Thai crepes to crab fried rice, but my dinner date and I decided to go for the ol' standby Royal Pad Thai with shrimp ($11.99 - photo below), Pad Kra Paow with eggplant and tofu ($8.99 - photo above) and a side order of jasmine rice ($1).

Thai 2 Go

The big winner was the Pad Thai. Unlike many Toronto Thai restaurants, there's no ketchup in this one, so the result was less dense than most. That said, a regular Pad Thai with ketchup is also available so for those ordering for a larger group this could be taste test heaven.

The Pad Kra Paow also hit the spot, although the portion size wasn't anything to get too excited about. But I can't say I wasn't warned. The person who took my order tried to talk me into a couple of apps or a salad but I was pretty set at keeping the total damage to around $20. And that's what it was. With a 10% discount on pick-ups and an additional 3% off (on orders $25 or more) if you bring your own containers this lonely spot between Cabbagetown and East Chinatown has likely earned a repeat phone call.

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