Teekam's Taste

Teekam's Taste

Teekam's Taste is a small, family-run Caribbean restaurant that just opened four weeks ago in Bloordale , a short walk from the Dufferin subway stop. The owners are two brothers from Trinidad (one named Teekam - I guess he won the rock, paper, scissors battle for naming rights) who know how to cook authentic Caribbean curries, rice, noodles, roti and an assortment of vegetarian dishes and desserts. Everything is fresh and made in-house and all meats are Halal certified.

Like many of the restaurants near Bloor and Dufferin, Teekam's Tastes' decor is simple and the interior comprises of only a few tables and booths. Paintings of the Caribbean sunset and flowers adorn the wall and there's an open kitchen with hot tables displaying the food at the back of the restaurant.

The special on the day we visited was a small "choose your own combo" plate that was an unexpectedly good deal at $3.99 (medium $6.99, large $7.99). We loaded up on soft red beans, equally soft rice made with herbs and coconut milk and chow mein (West Indies style) made with carrots, peppers, beans, cilantro and coriander.

To top things off we ordered the jerk chicken which was fall off the bone tender. Also on the menu is chicken, beef, goat, shrimp and a vegetable medley curry.

Teekam's Taste

The oxtail roti ($6.99) came unwrapped with smooth chickpea and green pea curry and a tender, savoury soy-sauce based braised oxtail on top.

Teekam's Taste

Potato pie ($1.25) was a savoury mashed potato wrapped in thick dough and fried to order. Tamarind sauce was provided for dipping and was nicely sweet and sour but also deliciously spicy.

Our bill including taxes, came to around $11. And if that isn't amazing value I don't know what is.

Since it recently opened, I expect the operations and food at Teekam's Taste will continue to evolve. One note: you'll have to ask for their oxtail rotis and potato pies....they're available but haven't made their way to the wall menu just yet.

Teekam's Taste

Photos by Michelle See .

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