Tanghulu Tanghulu

Tanghulu Tanghulu

Tanghulu Tanghulu is bringing a viral, mouth-shattering, sweet candied treat to Queen West. Dubbed Toronto's first Tanghulu shop, it's what co-owners Jonah, Elisa, and Joan feel was missing from the city’s food scene.

"The first time we had Tanghulu was in Thailand while travelling throughout Asia," Jonah shared to blogTO.

Originally from China, Tanghulu is fruit coated in simple sugar syrup and served on a wooden skewer.

Tanghulu TanghuluAt Tanghulu Tanghulu, they currently offer three vibrant varieties - clementine, green grape, and strawberry.

To get the recipe right and create a real Tanghulu tasting experience, Jonah explained it required a lot of research and discussion with his family from Korea, in collaboration with the efforts of the team's two head chefs.

Tanghulu Tanghulu"It took a while. We were working on a recipe for over three months to ensure we got the right consistency. So we're very very proud and happy with the end product."

The process starts with the fruit itself, which comes fresh to the store nearly every day directly from Canadian suppliers or local farmers for fruit that's in season. The fruit is then dipped lightly in the secret sugar glaze and chilled for twenty to thirty minutes until perfectly hardened and glassy in texture.

Tanghulu TanghuluThe Clementine Tanghulu ($3.85) was the juiciest of the three. Once you bite through the satisfyingly crunchy sugar, you get pleasantly greeted with a burst of sweet citrus.

Tanghulu TanghuluFor something that hits both sweet and sour notes, try the Green Grape Tanghulu ($3.85).

Tanghulu TanghuluAnd while everyone has their personal preference, my favourite was the Strawberry Tanghulu ($4.40). There's something so delightful about biting into a big, ripe, sweet strawberry. And the shine of the sugar coating makes the strawberries all the more visually appealing.

Now a global phenomenon, Tanghulu is widely available throughout Southeast and Eastern Asia and North America. It's also having a moment in the spotlight all over the internet.

And its popularity is evident. Tanghulu Tanghulu opened at the beginning of May 2024 to a constant stream of eager customers lining up at the door and even more gathering outside to document their eating experience.

Groups of friends cheers their Tanghulu, listening closely to the pleasant drumming sound the skewers make as they tap.

Tanghulu TanghuluThe menu also features Coco Cups: 100 per cent pure Belgium chocolate melted over fresh fruit.

You can opt for a cup of Strawberry Banana ($7.85) or simply Strawberry ($8.85). Toppings include finely shredded coconut and colourful sprinkles at no extra charge.

Tanghulu TanghuluThe chocolate is smooth and decadent, its richness complementing the sweetness of the fruit. It's everything you could want from a chocolate fountain - in a cup!

If you can't decide on what to get, my recommendation is the Fan Favourite. The Perfect Pair Strawberry ($12.65) comes with one Strawberry Tanghulu and one Strawberry Coco Cup at a discounted price.

Tanghulu TanghuluWhile you eat, the sound of K-pop blasts through the outdoor speaker. The atmosphere is fun and energetic and makes you feel like a kid at the candy shop, a testament to the space itself.

"We wanted to make it very inviting," Jonah explained.

Tanghulu TanghuluThe small shop is designed from floor to ceiling in a soft pink colour. It features a rotational storefront of various candies from all over Asia, including matcha-flavoured Oreos and gummy fruit Skittles from China.

There's also a prep counter with a clear view of the warm melted chocolate as it's generously poured over cups of fresh strawberries.

But my favourite touch is the neon pink signage, which you can easily spot as you approach the store from the intersection of Queen and John.

Regulars can expect more exciting things to come from Tanghulu Tanghulu.

Tanghulu Tanghulu"This has been such an unbelievable start," says Jonah, sharing his team's eagerness to get back in the kitchen and test new product offerings they and their customers are sure to love.

Tanghulu is the perfect treat to enjoy on a date, with friends, or when you need a little pick me up. Just be sure to grab a couple of wipes at the counter, as your hands will undoubtedly be a little sticky.

Tanghulu TanghuluTanghulu Tanghulu is located at 252 Queen Street West, Unit 2.

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Tanghulu Tanghulu

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