Sushi 67 Toronto

Sushi 67

Sushi 67 makes delicious sushi - plain and simple. Fresh, creative, and flavorful sushi is infamously hard to find in this city, but the shoebox-sized Roncesvalles gem, Sushi 67, might just be the yummiest sushi around.

Sushi 67 Toronto

You'll find this treasured spot at 67 Roncesvalles Avenue, hence the name, and the white "67" marked on the mailbox is the only indicator you're in the right place. The space was previously home to Vincent sushi , which has since moved up the street

Sushi 67 Toronto

Sushi 67 has a good-sized menu, offering an interesting selection of appetizers, rolls and entrees that are deeply rooted in Japanese fusion. Read: lots of mayo, and unlikely North American ingredients. The atmosphere is sleek, bright, and clean, and the service is exceedingly friendly. Rather than the traditional Japanese green tea usually provided with Japanese fare, this spot serves "Vanilla Oolong" by DAVIDsTEA , free of charge.

My friend and I are excited to try some of the unusual creations we find on the menu - items like the Scallop Pot Pie Roll ($12.75) and Chipotle Chicken Roll ($10.95) - so we begin with the Morimoto-Style Tuna Pizza ($10.95).

Sushi 67 Toronto

The "pizza" is a crispy tortilla smothered with tuna, jalapeño, red onion, olives, avocado, soya caramel sauce, creamy mayo and spicy mayo. To say that we can't gulp it down fast enough would be a gross understatement. The blend of flavours ranging from salty to spicy to sweet, zing from taste bud to taste bud, hitting all the stops. The spicy mayo is legitimately zesty however, so beware if you're spice-shy.

Sushi 67 Toronto

Our server tells us that the rolls are fairly large so we only order two rolls to share for our main course. We decide we'll try more if we're still hungry. With our mouths still watering from our tuna pizza, we dig into our eight-piece "Manhattan Bridge Roll" ($8.95) and nine-piece "Hungry Vegetarian Roll" ($7.75).

The Manhattan Bridge Roll (lead image), made up of spicy pulled crab, fish eggs, rice puffs, asparagus, cream cheese and fried shrimp, does not disappoint. The roll is tangy, varied in texture and super-fresh. The rice isn't over-vinegared either, providing a nice resistance with each bite. The care taken to ensure the rice isn't served as a lifeless mush-ball convinces me that Sushi 67 wants to do sushi right.

Sushi 67 Toronto

The Hungry Vegetarian is stuffed with yams, asparagus, lettuce, mushrooms, and topped with crispy onion, spicy mayo, regular mayo and soya caramel sauce. Spicy tuna can be added for $1. Though I prefer the Manhattan Bridge, this is a flavour-packed and hearty roll that satisfies despite being vegetarian. The yam is firm without being overcooked, and the crispy onions add something extra without overpowering the other more subtle ingredients like asparagus.

We're too full to order more food, and there are no desserts or libations to speak of, so we pay our bill, still very satisfied. It isn't until we're about to leave that we see the board of seasonal specials on the wall, including Coconut Battered Shrimp Tempura (3 pc/$5 or 6pc/$8) and the Roast Beef Roll ($12.38). We vow to return ASAP.

Sushi 67 Toronto

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