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Superfly is bringing funk and flavour to a side street in Parkdale with its menu of spritz cocktails and pretty, shareable plates.

A lean menu of snacks paired with soul and funk music on rotation—hence the name, after the iconic Curtis Mayfield album—make this evening spot a pretty good substitute for the beloved BBQ spot Electric Mud.

superfly torontoOwners Alex Pearce and Zach Pettiford, both formerly of the Drake Hotel, wanted to create an ode to New York in the 1970s (minus all that pesky arson). 

superfly torontoThe design is on point, with a cool geometric ceiling using a classic sepia palette, a very groovy fish scale bar, and the signature faux-leafy look of Grey North Design. 

superfly torontoLeading the kitchen is Chef John Koplimae, a former sous chef at the Drake Hotel who's also had recent stints interning at renowned Danish restaurants Noma and Kadeau. 

Coming from the small open kitchen are dishes that can be shared between a pair, though getting more than two plates is definitely suggested if you've come hungry.

superfly torontoThe potato gratin ($14) comes with oozing flame-torched brie cheese, brown butter, caramelized onions, and gerkins. 

superfly torontoSteak tartare ($12) is decorated with sweet egg yolk drops, atop a housemade brioche. 

superfly torontoGrilled avocado salad ($13) is dressed with a nori ranch, endive, and black radish. If you like your avo with an earthier flavour, you'll like this veggie dish. 

superfly torontoUndoubtedly the most beautiful dish is the pan-seared fish ($19): a red B.C. snapper presented in a pool of Green Goddess sauce, made with a mix of leafy veggies and herbs.

superfly torontoAside from some local beers and cocktails on tap, spritzes are definitely Superfly's specialty.

superfly torontoTheir Superfly Spritz ($12) is a refreshing mix of red wine, campari, lemon, and sugar. 

superfly torontoMore floral is the Flower Power Spritz ($13), with fino sherry, elderflower, chartreuse and bubbles. 

superfly torontoSuperfly definitely has more than a few things going for it, but aside from the drinks and the year-round patio, the playlist alone is worth popping by.

Plus they kept the old Electric Mud BBQ cross, and somehow it seems a better fit this time around. 

superfly toronto

Photos by

Hector Vasquez

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