Sultan of Samosas

Sultan of Samosas Regent Park

Sultan of Samosas has opened a new location in Regent Park serving the same great variety of samosas and fritters as their Eglinton original . There are ten savoury varieties to choose from, under headings Classic and Gourmet, and two types of sweet, available for eat in or take away.

Sultan of Samosas

When I arrive, Mrs. Fauzia Mirza, the Vice-President for Market Development, was behind the counter, greeting customers with a warm and friendly energy. I decided on a mix of Traditional Beef, Chicken Paprika, Curried Vegetable and Tandoori Chicken samosas (single samosas are $0.95, vegetarian samosas are $9.95 a dozen, meat are $10.25).

Sultan of Samosas

You can get three dipping sauces, fresh coriander yogurt, tangy tamarind and spicy mango, 2 oz. for $0.50, 8 oz. for $2.00 or get a whole kilogram for $12.50. I went with the first two. The coriander yogurt is nice and zippy, and goes well with the vegetables, while I liked the tamarind with the beef.

Sultan of Samosas

She suggested I try the Apple Pie sweet one too, and heated some up special for dessert. It was like an exotic apple turnover, sweet and lightly spiced with cinnamon.

Sultan of Samosas

I was too enamoured by the samosas to try any of the fritters, but I promised myself next time; there is eggplant, spinach and potato, 6 for $5.00. Grab a pop or water to wash it all down.

Sultan of Samosas

Occupying the corner spot of one of the new condos, Sultan of Samosas maximized the vaulted ceilings with faux marble pillars and have added some Moorish accents, but the florescent lights and white and beige tiles don't let you shake the food court vibe.

Frankly, who cares what the decor is like. You can always take them to go, though with samosas this good you'll probably end up like I did and just happily scarf them down.

Sultan of Samosas

Photos by Jesse Milns

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