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Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon serves up hefty seekh kababs, Lollipop Chicken and plates heaped with Chicken Biryani that won't set you back much more than five bucks.

Situated in a Scarborough strip plaza beside other restaurants and stores, the halal food restaurant, as well as its second Pickering location, are owned by brothers Mansoor and Rizwan Ismail. 

silver spoon torontoHundreds of customers, many of which are Pakistani, Indian or Sri Lankan, come each day to order from the 60-item menu or the number of freshly-made options found on the hot plate. 

silver spoon torontoAbout 15 different curries, Reshmi Chicken and Seekh Beef kababs, as well as a number of finger foods like samosas, lahori fish and their signature Lollipop Chicken ($10.99), are displayed just behind the counter. 

silver spoon torontoInvented here and copied elsewhere, Lollipop Chicken is named for the shape the chicken takes on after its split into two pieces. 

It's prepared with corn flour and a mix of traditional spices including ginger, garlic paste, Thai chili and black pepper powder. It's then marinated for 24 hours and deep-fried. 

silver spoon torontoBiryani is something they take very seriously here, featuring five different types of the rice dish to choose from. And the dish comes piled high and at the cheap (Chicken Biryani: $6.99). 

Three to four quarts of rice are made each hour, soaking with slow-cooked chicken, mutton or veal for just under an hour for optimal flavour. 

silver spoon torontoOn the weekends, two more biryanis are available, Chicken Sindhi Biryani that has added potatoes and spices and more masala and Veal Pulao for which the stock is completely absorbed by the rice rather than draining. 

silver spoon toronto

Their kababs and Angara Chicken ($10.99) are also popular options. You can even get the BBQ Platter ($35) that comes with Tandoori Chicken, Reshmi Kabab, Seekh Kabab, Behari and Angara Chicken if you're feeling especially ambitious (and hungry). 

silver spoon torontoAngara is a Hindi term used for coal so it doesn't come as a surprise that the chicken is slow-cooked over a direct flame. 

silver spoon torontoThe chicken, beef, veal, mutton and vegetable curries are all made fresh each morning and extra gravy is added in order for them to remain saucy even after sitting out on the hot plate. 

silver spoon torontoButter Chicken (regular: $7.49, large: $10.99) is of course a classic with its spiced tomato, butter and cream sauce. 

silver spoon torontoPairing well with any one of the curries is the Tandoori, Garlic or Butter Naan (tandoori: $1.49, garlic and butter: $1.99). 

silver spoon torontoThe dough is made fresh in the kitchen and cooks on the inner walls of the charcoal oven to give it a bit of a smoky taste. 

silver spoon torontoAs for desserts, the decadent Kheer ($3.49) rice pudding is among the list of options and is just as creamy as it is sweet. 

silver spoon torontoSilver Spoon spoils their customers for options and offers their carefully made dishes at very affordable prices making it one of the must-try halal spots in the city. 

silver spoon toronto

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Silver Spoon

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Silver Spoon

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