Shanghai Cowgirl

It was 3 in the afternoon when my girlfriends and I realized we didn't have lunch. We weren't super starving, but definitely wanted more than a snack.

We were in the Queen West area so decided to pop into Shanghai Cowgirl , the funky 50's style diner just east of Bathurst. Although a friend of mine went here about a year ago and reported back that it was heavy on the grease, that memory was fading. A lot can happen in a year.

The menu looked as reported. They still have the all day breakie, somewhat healthy dishes, things mom used to make, sandwiches, burgers and asian choices.

During this visit I have the triple-decker grilled cheese sandwich. Three slices of white bread separated by cheddar and doused, I am pretty sure, with tonnes of butter. Greasy.

And yes, because that wasn't enough for my arteries, I order a side of deep fried sweet potato fries and share Jenny's wasabi mayo. Yum.

The meal was gross, but the good kind. It was a super duper unhealthy meal that I have maybe twice a year...and Shanghai Cowgirl served it up as expected.

Shanghai Cowgirl

538 Queen Street West


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