SeaHi Chop Suey Tavern

Sea-Hi Chop Suey Tavern

Sea-Hi Chop Suey Tavern is considered by many as the absolute stalwart of mid-20th century Canadian Chinese restaurant (just look at its official name!), so much so that its kitschy interior has actually been used as the setting for many movies. This restaurant offers one of the best chicken balls in town. With batter that is not overly greasy or overpowering, and a taste that's plain enough that it mixes well with the neon-coloured sauce, it's easy to see why many have fallen in love (and remain so) with their version of this classic dish. In addition, they also have that other fantastically unbelievable dish: chicken bacon sticks. That may not be even remotely close to being Chinese, but really, who cares?

Photo by billcampbell2008 on Flickr

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