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Sahan is a Somali restaurant in the heart of Wexford, serving massive three-in-one meals of flavourful meat, rice, and mango drinks. 

Sitting in the row of restaurants across from Wexford Plaza, this homey spot has been a casual destination for staple Somali eats since it first opened in 2014.

sahan torontoOwner Mohamoud Jiirdeh offers an uncomplicated menu of just under ten dishes, using halal meat from the Thorncliffe mainstay Iqbal Halal, which he purchases daily.

sahan torontoThe best thing about Sahan is that every entree ordered comes with a complementary side of soup and a big glass of mango juice. I'd come back just for the hearty bowl of lentil and lamb soup. 

There's also hot tea free-flowing for guests: a black tea with a subtle mix of cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves. 

sahan torontoEvery dish comes with a huge portion of rice, pasta (a result of Italian colonialism) or chapati (or sabaayad, the Somali flatbread). There's also a little Caesar salad on the side. 

sahan torontoT-bone steaks ($18) are a Somali restaurant staple, and Sahan​​​​​​'s is tender, with great fat content. The rice is really fragrant, seasoned with cloves, coriander, and cinnamon. 

sahan torontoWe're provided with a side bowl of white sauce, which is essentially a mayo, vinegar, and olive oil mix, for general dipping. 

sahan torontoNew Zealand lamb ($19) is delicious, and is the only meat not sourced from Iqbal. It's a refreshing way to eat lamb in a non-precious setting. 

sahan torontoBeef suqaar ($15) is a stew that we get with spaghetti, which is by no means traditional in the Italian sense, but still tasty. 

sahan torontoGoat ribs ($19.99), or awlal, is a personal favourite. Spice it up with a mixture of chilli with vinegar and garlic. 

sahan torontoFor those who aren't a fan of gamey meats, the chicken suqaar ($15) is a non-adventurous but highly tender stew.

sahan torontoAfter the meal, you should definitely treat yourself to a syrupy milk sponge cake ($7.50).

sahan torontoYou also need to complete the experience with a mango milkshake ($3.99), which has a dollop of ice cream inside. 

sahan toronto

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