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The Rose Rice Noodles and Snacks

The Rose Rice Noodles and Snacks is a restaurant specializing in rice noodles and snacks. It's located in a small commercial plaza in Scarborough.

While the place is casual, the decor is a step up from the multitude of rice noodle places that now dot the GTA.

Rose Rice Noodles torontoThe unique feature here is the equal emphasis that the restaurant seemingly places on both its rice noodles and snacks. The small space offers a large variety of both, and you can easily dine on one without sampling the other.

Rose Rice Noodles torontoAs is the standard with rice noodle restaurants, you get a tray of ingredients to pour into your bubbling soup broth while additional toppings are available for an extra charge.

Rose Rice Noodles torontoThe Rice Noodles in Malaysian Laksa Soup ($10.99) is a popular choice here. The spicy broth is complex,  bold and slightly sour. It goes great when mixed with the Seafood Platter add-on featuring shrimp, mussels, and imitation crab stick (+$2.99).

rose rice noodles torontoThe Rice Noodles in Curry Soup with Coconut Milk ($9.49) is a good bet for those who want things even spicier. I added the Tri-Meatball Platter which features pork, beef, and fish meatballs (+$2.99).

Rose Rice Noodles torontoThe Cold Cut Chicken in Thai Basil Soy Sauce ($6.49) is a nice snack that's perfect as an appetizer. The dish is served at room temperature, and the lightly sweet and salty soy sauce provides a nice kick.

Rose Rice Noodles torontoThe Deep Fried Golden Scallop ($5.99)is something I don't always find on the menu at similar restaurants. The scallops are tender, and the coating isn't overwhelming. I kind of wished for a more exciting sauce than a straightforward mayonnaise dip, though.

Rose Rice Noodles torontoThe Salty Popcorn Chicken ($5.99) here comes jumbo-sized. Well-seasoned and juicy, I could (and maybe did) finish a whole portion to myself, sharing be damned.

Rose Rice Noodles torontoTakoyaki Balls ($5.99) are a delicious if straightforward offering. These Japanese octopus balls are great for sharing.

Rose Rice Noodles torontoFor drinks, the Super Fruit Green Tea ($5.99) is a light green tea mixed with delicately cut fruits including an ornate rose-shaped strawberry.

Rose Rice Noodles torontoThe Pineapple Slush ($3.99) here is my personal favourite. Soft slush and bold pineapple flavours comes mixed with mini pineapple chunks making it a refreshing option.

Rose Rice Noodles torontoAs a nice finishing touch, you also get a small selection of complimentary mini desserts all handmade on-site.

Rose Rice Noodles toronto

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