Pulp Kitchen

Last weekend I went for brunch at Pulp Kitchen on Queen East near Logan. It's a cozy place with wood tables and dim lighting that serves up pretty tasty animal-free (vegan) food like eggless omlettes and and pancakes with cocunut banana cream made with tofu.

On this visit I settled in for the stewed beans and bangers ($9.95), a hearty portion of maple syrup-infused baked beans with veggie bangers (made with soy) topped with fresh corn chutney. It came with a side salad and toasted flax bread which I swapped for rice bread (a buck extra).

The taste? Well, basically picture Yves veggie hot dogs with some baked beans on toast. It's pretty pedestrian - I could probably make it at home - but even basic meals can hit the spot so I had no problems cleaning my plate.

Across the table, my girlfriend ordered the house-made granola ($6.25). According to the menu, Toronto Life has named it one of the best granolas in the city. And they should know, right? Anyway, they weren't far off the mark. The kitchen takes extra care topping them with a thoughtful selection of fresh fruit devoid of the dreaded, mouldy melon and offers up maple soy yogourt to make it all go down just right.


Looking around the restaurant - is it rude to check out what other people are eating? - I noticed that the aforementioned pancakes ($7.95) as well as something called a polenta putanesca look great. Perhaps I'll opt for one of those when I go back.

Pulp Kitchen also has a great selection of drinks including soy chai tea and tasty, if not expensive protein shakes.

Here's a look at the outside of the restaurant. The menu can be found on their web site .


Pulp Kitchen, 898 Queen Street East, 416-461-4612

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