Pain Perdu Bistro Toronto

Pain Perdu Bistro

Pain Perdu Bistro is a chic dinner spot befitting its Lawrence Park surrounds. A younger sibling to the St. Clair W. pâtisserie with which it shares its name, the restaurant offers classic French bistro fare like steak frites, moules marinières and profiteroles for dessert. The sophisticated-yet-relaxed atmosphere almost makes it feel like you actually are in France, with the exception of uncharacteristically friendly service. It's easy to see how this place might become a neighbourhood staple.

The bistro's white walls are adorned with colourful paintings of windmills, lemons and abstract images, all by the bistro's head chef (and former pastry chef of the pâtisserie) Evaristo De Andrade, who is clearly also an accomplished artist. Interestingly enough, there do no appear to be any framed depictions of pain perdu (French toast), but be sure to request the edible version of it during Sunday brunch.

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