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Noodle Me

Noodle Me is a casual joint for bowls of northern Chinese noodles.

Pulled, cut, and served a number of different ways, this restaurant started with a store in Hamilton before expanding to Toronto with a shop just a few seconds' walk from Jane station. 

noodle me torontoEvery bowl is made to order, and if you choose to dine-in, you'll get a view of the chef hand-pulling noodles fresh in the kitchen. 

noodle me torontoYou can choose the shape and thickness of your noodles if ordering hand-pulled noodles in soup (udon and rice noodles in standard sizes are also available.) 

Seven different styles range from hair-thin to triangle-shaped, flat or wide.

noodle me torontoAs with any restaurant dealing in this style of meal originating from Lanzhou, seeing and hearing the chef expertly kneading, pulling and thwacking mounds of wheat dough against the counter only adds to the satisfaction of digging in later. 

noodle me torontoOne technique that's not as commonly seen in Toronto is the knife shaving method, where the chef slices strings of dough straight into boiling hot water by hand, almost like peeling the skin off an onion.

noodle me torontoIf you like your noodles with more bite, this noodle texture is to die for. We get the knife-shaved noodles in a cold sesame sauce noodle ($9.99). 

Coupled with sesame sauce, bean sprouts and a fried egg, it's my favourite dish hands-down. 

noodle me torontoWe get the house special ($11.99) with a standard-sized noodle. It comes with a fried egg and a medley of meats including chicken breast, beef slices and braised lamb. 

noodle me torontoThe BBQ pork noodle ($10.99) comes with pickled turnips, cilantro and scallions.

noodle me torontoIt's fascinating to see the technique behind the triangle noodles, which are perfectly chewy.

noodle me torontoHouse chow mein ($16.99) with knife-shaved noodles is a hot, steaming pile of chicken, shrimp, beef, cabbage, bok choy and carrots. The bouncy thickness of the noodle means the dish doesn't wilt under sauce. 

noodle me torontoThere's also a list of side dishes like lamb skewers and juicy, fatty, beef short ribs.

noodle me toronto

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