Noble Restaurant

Noble Restaurant

Noble on Dundas (just west of Spadina) is definitely my favourite cheap dim sum place in Toronto. Partly because Mon-Fri til 4pm you can get near any dish for $1.88, but mostly, because when you stop by after those hours, even at say, 1, 2, 3 AM in the morning, they'll still serve it up fresh and steaming.

Late last night, all it took was a phone call from a friend who was craving the above pictured sesame balls, and there we were, dim sum'ing amidst other night owls.

While it's hard to go wrong here, in my opinion, some key dishes to check off on the list are:

- Special stir fried turnip cake - like the popular pan-fried taro version but softer and tastier.

- Sticky rice in lotus leaf - this classic comes in pairs, made with meat and mushroom. The only one that rivals it is the version by "East!"

- Sesame balls with lotus paste (pictured up top) -- Great, but be sure you're a sesame fan first!

- Steamed sweet cake - the yellow jenga-looking tower pictured here is almost as fun to eat as it is good. Go for this subtle dessert and have fun peeling away layers with your chopsticks

And one more that isn't on the order sheet, but you can ask for it if you want to be keen:

- Fried tofu with shrimp paste - pictured here, the name says it all. Usually you can only get this during weekend brunch when they bring it out on carts.

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