My frequent dining companion (we'll call him Mr. C) and I have decided that every time we go out to try some new eats, half way through we'll do what we call "The Switch Up". We swap plates. I'll eat half of mine, he'll eat half of his and then we switch -- no matter what. This way I get to sample two dishes and report on both.

Our latest brunch took us to Musa on Dundas West and Euclid. When I first moved to downtown Toronto, I lived on Palmerston and watched the transformation of this old bland building into what is now quite an interesting painted exterior. If you decide to check it out, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about as soon as you get there.

Upon entering, we decided to eat on the cute little patio despite the fact that it looked like rain but we were warned: if you sit on the patio, and it rains...you can't come back inside. We understood the capacity issue of the statement, but were they REALLY going to leave us out in the pouring rain with our breakfast? Regardless, we risked it and enjoyed a very windy brunch. Flying napkins anyone?

I decided on the Challah Bread French Toast with a side of fruit and whipped cream. The challah toast was soaked in maple syrup (no need to add my own) and was a delight to dig into. The fresh fruit placed around the plate was a definite bonus to even out the sweetness of the French toast. The side of whipped cream I really didn't NEED, but who can resist dipping your food into a little more goodness?


Mr. C decided to order one of the daily specials. A Texas toast sandwich filled with egg, bacon, spinach, mozzarella cheese and tomato. It was matched with a side of Cajun homefries that he couldn't resist stealing after the imposed "Switch Up". Along with this was a side mixed green salad that was an explosion of flavour. It's a must try. Light, simple but very flavourful.


Our bill tallied up to just over twenty dollars and this included a pot of tea and orange juice. All and all, a pretty good deal because we left more than satisfied and it fueled our walking tour of the ROM . Fully licensed.

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