Mr Cream Toronto

Mr. Cream

Mr. Cream opened up shop just in time to start serving the throngs of sun-drenched summertime Kensington Market goers. With its name and the two giant ice cream cone neon signs in the front windows, it's not hard to figure out that Mr. Cream, is indeed, all about ice cream. The shop is simple and classic selling ice cream, waffles and apple pies.

Mr Cream Toronto

Walking into the shop, I was instantly cooled off by the icy cold air conditioning- a welcome temperature change from the heat outside. The girl at the counter was friendly and points out some of the different flavours they offer: chocolate truffle, espresso, pistachio, vanilla bean, black cherry and hazelnut. The flavours will change often she tells me, which perhaps explains why there are no name tags on them.

Mr Cream Toronto

They also serve vegan sorbet in either mango or blood orange, one of the most popular choices. I decided to keep it light and opted for a small blood orange sorbet in a waffle cone ($3 including tax). Tangy and sweet, It was a perfect mid-afternoon cool down. My friend went for the chocolate cherry chili, a creamy chocolate with a hot after taste.

Mr Cream Toronto

I went back a couple days later ready for something more serious. I ditched the cone and went straight for the waffle bowl with two scoops of ice cream ($4 toppings available for $1 each). Two handsome scoops of chocolate truffle and espresso went into the deep waffle cone bowl placed inside a Chinese style take-out box to keep it all together. There's no seating inside the shop and only four chairs outside, but I managed to grab and open seat as people walking by glanced enviously at my ice cream feast.

Mr Cream Toronto

The shop is banking on the day time crowds as I found the hard way when I came by at 7pm for desert and found them just shutting up shop. They plan to run year round luring in customers with the smell of fresh waffles and Chudleighs apple pies; with no indoor seating, I'm afraid it might be a hard sell. For the moment, the shop is outsourcing the ice cream but will be churning up their own soon enough with equipment in the back of the store. There's not a huge selection of flavours, but there is certainly no lack of quality in the ice cream.

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