Morning Glory Toronto

Morning Glory

Sunday my partner and I made our way to Morning Glory at 457 King street (east of Parliament). My first impression was a kind of homey, but light and airy atmosphere, with the kitchen out in the open and lots of happy chatter filling the small space. The patio was full, so we made ourselves comfy inside.

We managed to sit next to someone who was eating a sublime looking sandwich.

Morning Glory Toronto

I turned to her and asked what she was eating, which resulted in peels of laughter, because apparently she had ordered that sandwich by turning to the person beside her and asking him what he had ordered.

I of course ordered it, an "agent 99" ($6) - ham, cheddar, fried egg, sundried tomato, aioli and homemade ketchup (which really is more like a delicious tomato chutney) all served up on a tasty cibatta bun - with a side salad ($2). It was delicious. One word of warning though, the egg came with a runny yolk, so if you don't like a runny yolk ask for it broken or hard.

Morning Glory Toronto

My partner got the omelette special ($8.50), which was arugala, red onion and cheddar. It came with rosti and toast made from delicious bread. He really enjoyed all of it.

The coffee ($1.50) was great and was refilled often. I also noticed an espresso machine and made a mental note to try a cappuccino ($3.25) next time we go.

The one part of the meal that didn't blow either of us away was the cookie. When we heard about the organic chocolate chip cookie ($2) we decided to share one. There was nothing wrong with it, but also nothing exciting. Next time we'll pass on dessert.

Morning Glory CafĂŠ, 457 King St E Open until 3pm, cash only

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