matsuda japanese grill house

Matsuda Japanese Grill House

Matsuda is the place to go when you're craving some Japanese grill BBQ meats, sushi and sashimi in an AYCE format.

The restaurant took over the space formerly occupied by Ten-Ichi, the much-beloved OG of AYCE sushi restaurants in Scarborough.

matsuda japanese grill houseThe once-simple and traditional-looking interiors have been completely renovated and now feature high ceilings, spacious seating, and a more elevated vibe.

matsuda japanese grill houseGlowing purplish lights hang suspended from the ceiling, evoking the classic imagery of traditional Japanese rooftops.

matsuda Japanese grill houseThe pricing here is as follows: $34.99 for weekdays and $37.99 for weekends to get the AYCE Japanese grilled meat options and side dishes. For an extra $3, you also unlock their AYCE sushi and sashimi menu, making it a no-brainer, really.

matsuda japanese grill houseAmong the cuts of meat here are the thin pork belly and the black pepper rib finger meats, which are melt-in-your-mouth tender, provided you grill it just right, of course.

matsuda japanese grill houseFor a thick cut, go all the way with the pork belly which is so satisfying due to its extensive marbling.

matsuda japanese grill houseThe marinated kalbi and prime short ribs here are also excellent. They go particularly well with some of their sweet soy marinade.

matsuda japanese grill houseThe pork toro (the fatty meat around the pork cheek and neck) is one of my absolute favourite cuts of meat. I have a weakness for fattier cuts, and the buttery smoothness of the meat shouldn't be missed.

matsuda japanese grill houseDon't skimp on the side dishes here such. The beef ron comes with the well-seasoned rice and tender slices of beef. The bibimbap is also a solid option.

matsuda japanese grill houseIf there's one side dish you must get it might be the Japanese cold soba served with a raw quail egg which you crack and mix into a wasabi-soy sauce mix.

matsuda japanese grill houseFrom the seafood options, there's scallops, fish, squid, tiger shrimps and more.

matsuda japanese grill houseFrom the sushi menu, I recommend their collection of aburi (torched sushi) including the Fantastic Roll featuring tempura shrimp, white tuna, tobiko, spicy mayo, and green onions. It's torched lightly before reaching your table, of course.

matsuda japanese grill houseThe cocktails here come in multple sizes and colours such as the Green Cocktail ($8.50) featuring cucumber and vodka; the Lychee Punch ($8.50) with lychee, vodka, and club soda; and the Strawberry Punch ($9) made with strawberry and white rum.

matsuda japanese grill houseFor those seeking a non-alcoholic option, the watermelon juice is very refreshing and light. It's a good counterbalance to the heavy meal you're probably going to have.

matsuda japanese grill house

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Matsuda Japanese Grill House

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Matsuda Japanese Grill House

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