js steak frites toronto

J's Steak Frites

J's Steak Frites serves four-course meals that include bread, steak, salad, and unlimited plates of fries all for only $49.00.  

Most steakhouses in the city will have charge that amount for just a few appetizers, but J's gives you more bang for your buck. 

Owner Jad Sfeir says this all-in-one concept is popular in Europe and has potential for success in Canada too because people don't have to worry about mulling over what to eat, and can simply show up and enjoy. 

js steak frites torontoSfeir has lots of experience in the hospitality industry, managing over 16 restaurants all across Hong Kong, before meeting his wife Tara Tang, who's the head pastry chef and part-owner at J's. 

Tang studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa and has a talent for making beautifully decorated French desserts that are displayed on a cart near the bar. 

js steak frites torontoBefore J's moved in, this building was home to Dandylion. Sfeir says they didn't change much on the inside and kept the simplistic, rustic interior with exposed brick and high ceilings.

Sitting down at a table, you aren't given a menu, instead the server will start by asking: "How do you like your steak?" 

js steak frites torontoIn the mean time, a serving of house-baked bread and butter is brought for you to snack on. 

js steak frites torontoChoose from their array of red and white wines, like Shiraz sourced from South Africa or a Pinot from Germany. Each selection has been sourced from regions with top-quality harvested grapes. 

js steak frites torontoGlasses range between $13.00 to $16.00 for a 6 oz and $18.00 to $21.00 for a 9 oz, then of course full bottles are offered as well. 

js steak frites torontoNext up, is the Walnut Green Salad. Romaine lettuce served with a sprinkling of walnuts, parmesan cheese and a lemon vinaigrette. 

js steak frites torontoBy the time the salad comes is when you'll also get your first serving of fries. Crunchy, salty and fried with just enough oil, there's a reason J's has kept these as an unlimited option. 

js steak frites torontoLast, but not least, the star of the show arrives. A 10-ounce steak comes to the table on a sizzling platter that remains warm as it sits on top of a small flame underneath the hot plate. 

js steak frites torontoDip your slices of steak into J's beloved butter sauce made with a secret recipe. When tasted, it reminded me of a Bearnaise sauce, both creamy and rich in flavour. 

If you prefer something other than wine to pair with your dinner, J's also has a cocktail list to choose from. 

js steak frites torontoBoulevardier ($18.00) is similar to a Negroni and quite strong on the first sip, this is probably due to its whiskey base, mixed with campari and sweet vermouth. 

js steak frites torontoYou'll definitely want to save room for dessert here at J's, this five-layer chocolate cake ($25.00) is to die for. Layered with a buttercream spread, the spongy texture of this cake will melt in your mouth with each bite. 

js steak frites toronto

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J's Steak Frites

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J's Steak Frites

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