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Hotel Delilah

Hotel Delilah is not really a hotel, though it does offer lodgings for vacationers. 

With an Airbnb unit upstairs and stylish restaurant down below, this playful space manages to be both a tourists' destination and a local haunt offering a pescatarian menu and fun vegan cocktails. 

hotel delilah torontoYou'll want to wear your most vibrant, vacation-worthy shirt here.

Inspired by the laid back vibes of Costa Rica, the restaurant design by Damon Snider transforms what was an old hair salon into a polished hodgepodge of curved reclaimed wood, sleek lighting, and pretty colours. 

hotel delilah torontoStandout features include the garage door, which opens up during the summer, and a spray painting of the elusive Delilah by Brazilian artist Valmor Garcia

hotel delilah torontoThe restaurant offers a few different areas, from the blue banquettes to seats in front of the open kitchen. 

hotel delilah torontoSeafood is obviously the main focus of the menu, and East Coast oysters ($18 for a half dozen) are a good way to start. 

hotel delilah torontoMy favourite thing off the menu is easily the Miss Vickies fish and chips ($14.50), which uses the classic salt and vinegar chips as the batter for their halibut. 

It's served with a side of grilled lemon and a signature malt vinegar dip. 

hotel delilah torontoA whole section of their menu dedicated to rolls offers up a tangy BBQ jackfruit taco roll ($8), which comes with young jackfruit, avocado, grilled pineapple, and avocado coconut dressing in a thin tortilla wrap. 

hotel delilah torontoA lobster waffle roll ($9) is a visual clustershshow of rainbow colours and lobster bits. It's not as hard to eat as it looks, and thankfully the buttery lobster and lime crema is super tasty. 

hotel delilah torontoGnocchi stir-fry ($10) comes in a skillet and is surprisingly filling and totally vegan. 

hotel delilah torontoBut if you're looking for something more substantial, the bowls ($12.50 each) are definitely the way to go. The Surf Bowl is gluten-free and comes with seared salmon, carrots, grilled corn, chunks of mango, and quinoa.

hotel delilah torontoCocktails sub out egg whites for aqua faba, a type of chickpea water foam. Get it in the Honey Bee ($14), an Aquamiel tequila drink with a stenciled palm tree on top. 

hotel delilah torontoThen there's the Blueberry Bohijito ($14), a pretty purple drink with carbonated coconut water, blueberry syrup, and flor de cana rum. 

hotel delilah torontoThe Sangria Surf is another fun one, with Valdievieso Brut Rose, kombucha from Ace Hill, Tito's vodka and watermelon ice cubes.

hotel delilah toronto

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