Hopscotch Toronto


Hopscotch is a fast casual eatery whose aim is to make healthy food a hop, skip and a jump away from your usual routine. It’s located in the PATH below Scotia Plaza, making it an easy choice for urban commuters and upstairs workers alike.

The brainchild of a business project at Western University, Hopscotch was developed by brothers Aiden and Wyatt Booth who realized there was an extreme dearth of options for people who just wanted quick options that were convenient and ethical.

Hopscotch Toronto

There’s no real seating to speak of, but major points for the hopscotch outline painted on the floor. Salads, wraps and bowls are assembled Chipotle-style right in front of you.

However, you won’t find a soda fountain here: instead, a glistening espresso machine is behind the cash serving Hale Coffee. Genuine Tea is on offer too.

Hopscotch Toronto

Early morning commuters and office workers are sure to be pumped about the breakfast options here. This parfait-like pretty little breakfast bowl rings in at just $6 for yogurt, grapes, apple, grape jelly, mint, and a nut crumble.

Hopscotch Toronto

The wild oat berry smoothie would make another great $6 breakfast option: it certainly tastes healthy with the chunky inclusion of fibrous oat. It also has honey, mixed berries, muesli and banana, and is dairy-free.

Hopscotch Toronto

For a salad we try The Great Gusto ($12). Fool yourself into eating healthy by just pretending you’re tucking into a big ol’ burrito, and you probably won’t even notice a difference. This has a ton of chicken, chopped romaine, mesclun, tomato salsa, cabbage, red pepper, goat cheese and crispy chick peas.

Hopscotch Toronto

Salads and bowls come with two dressings on the side, which is great: dressing is the best part anyway. I try the gochujang mayo and sesame ginger vinaigrette, while the Sweet Potato Zen bowl ($12) comes with the latter and bright lime crema.

The bulk of the dish is tofu and sweet potato over quinoa, and if you’re down with the raw veggies, you’ll love all the cauliflower and broccoli, and it’s also got kale and edamame. Bread and salad shouldn’t be mortal enemies, so salads and bowls come with a slice of Ace bread.

Hopscotch Toronto

We get the Avocado Cobber ($13.50) wrapped up, basically a Cobb salad with chicken, bacon, egg, avocado and blue cheese, and this one has a maple-balsamic vinaigrette and a cucumber-yogurt sauce.

Hopscotch Toronto

The whole outfit is bedecked in a cheerful shade of green, and fun motivational phrases are tacked to the walls, perfect for Instagrammability and selfies.

Hopscotch Toronto

Photos by

Jesse Milns

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