hakata shoryuken ramen toronto

Hakata Shoryuken Ramen on Queen

Hakata Shoryuken Ramen is the second location of the popular ramen house located by Yonge and Sheppard.

It specializes in ramen made Hakata-style, which originates from the birthplace of the quintessential Japanese noodle dish: Fukuoka. 

hakata shoryuken ramen torontoWith the massive influx of ramen shops in the city, there are a few things that set Shoryuken apart. 

hakata shoryuken ramen torontoFor one, bowls are steamed for two minutes to make sure your meal retains its heat. While considered a crucial part of the ramen-eating experience in Japan, it's actually rarely done in Toronto. 

hakata shoryuken ramen torontoThe soup is made from pork bones, cooked for 16 hours daily. After the first eight hours of boiling, the cooks actually crush the pork bones with a sledgehammer before allowing it to cook some more. 

hakata shoryuken ramen torontoIt's definitely creamier and more oily than other ramen in the area. If you're a fan of thick broth (as opposed to the clear and clean type) you'll like this version. 

hakata shoryuken ramen torontoShoryuken offers straight and wavy noodles, the former being more thinner and more traditional, while the latter gives a bit more chew. 

hakata shoryuken ramen torontoThe Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen ($11.99) is the best way to sample Shoryuken's pork bone broth. Your bowl comes with black mushroom and slices of cha shu. 

hakata shoryuken ramen torontoTantanmen ($13.99) is the Japanese ramen derivitive of Chinese Dan Dan with wavy noodles. It's got a strong sesame flavour, which comes from their tasty house-made sesame paste. The reddish colour comes from chilli oil, with minced pork and green onion.

hakata shoryuken ramen torontoThe salty, soya-sauce based Shoyu Ramen ($14.99) is another popular order with wavy noodles, and a good option if you don't eat pork. Skipping the swine, the soup base is made from chicken and shellfish, and comes with your choice of either chashu or ground chicken. 

hakata shoryuken ramen torontoFor some spice, the Red Hot Tonkotsu Ramen ($12.99) is made with spicy miso paste made in-house, chilli oil, black mushrooms and chashu. It comes with a spoonful of chilli paste, which you add to taste.

hakata shoryuken ramen torontoIt's pretty much all ramen on the menu here, save for a pair of sides. There's takoyaki ($5.99) and a ridiculously creamy plate of chicken nanban ($6.90), serving deep fried chicken thighs with Shoryuken's homemade sweet tartare sauce. 
hakata shoryuken ramen torontoLocated conveniently just steps from Osgoode station, Shoryuken is a welcome staple on the busy Queen West stretch.

hakata shoryuken ramen toronto

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