Green Grotto Toronto

Green Grotto

Green Grotto is known for their wide selection of bubble teas and other specialty drinks, but they sell a ton of fried food, noodles, bao and other inventive snacks too.

green grotto torontoBau are $8.99 for an order of two, and you can mix and match. From options including braised pork and shrimp cake we go with a veggie square and Japanese beef.

Green Grotto Toronto

I prefer the beef though the veggie is a decent alternative, both topped with salad with a tobiko mayo dressing.

Green Grotto Toronto

Salt and pepper chicken ($7.49) is on a menu of dozens of snacks among rarer gizzards and intestine.

Green Grotto Toronto

“GG cones” can also be filled with salt and pepper chicken or similar options to the bau like sail fish. The fillings are savoury but the cone itself is sweet offering up an odd combination, also topped with the tangy, sweet and spicy mayo-dressed salad.

Green Grotto Toronto

Soft shell crab ($14) is a seasonal dish, a little over-battered but ultimately very crunchy.

Green Grotto TorontoIt’s accompanied by a GG bowl that’s similar to the cone. Take or leave the waffle, but the Taiwanese dry noodles with wakame and a seasoned egg are delicious.

Green Grotto Toronto

Mama beef noodle soup is a standout and a steal at $10.99. Thick noodles are drenched in a funky, spicy broth and topped with hefty chunks of beef shank and surrounded by bok choy.

Green Grotto Toronto

Macha Hokkaido milk tea with grass jelly ($6.49) is a best seller, refreshing and flavourful thanks to the tasty jelly.

Green Grotto Toronto

A strawberry yogurt twist ($6.99) has a strawberry sundae thing going on.

Green Grotto Toronto

Strawberries are microwaved for thirty seconds, yogurt is spread around the glass, and then it’s topped with a slushy strawberry mixture and pearls.

Green Grotto Toronto

Plain milk tea ($5.49) is more on the straight and narrow. Spice any drink up to your preference with a ton of customizable options, like tapioca pearls for fifty cents.

Green Grotto also has page after page of other drinks filling their menu, including Coca-cola teas and all kinds of frozen and hot drinks. There are also a ton of desserts and formocha bowls, and an overwhelming list of other eats. Crunchy chicken bits? Sign me up.

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