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Grandma Loves You

Grandma Loves You is a family-run spot for decked out wiener hot dogs and foot-long subs. 

Tucked into a corner of a plaza located just a few steps from Rosedale station, this tiny takeout counter may be overshadowed by next door's Starbucks, but it's slinging out some mean dogs.

grandma loves you torontoOwners Sarah and Artin Davoodi moved to Toronto from Germany in 2018, where a Cologne equivalent of Grandma Loves You is still operating today. 

grandma loves you torontoThis married couple loves their hot dogs, and while there's no shortage of takeout eats like bagels, burgers, or German rye bread sandwiches, beef sausages are the main attraction here. 

That being said, their cold cut sandwiches are top-sellers too.

grandma loves you torontoA foot-long with cheese and your choice of two cold cuts is $9.99, or $6.99 for half the size. German ham with crispy onions and jalapenos is an unreal combo. 

grandma loves you torontoA messy meatball and cheese sandwich is doused in homemade tomato sauce with lettuce, tomato and onion. It's $10.99 for the foot-long, or $7.99 for half. 

grandma loves you torontoHot dogs have nationalities, and frankly, I'm team France. The French dog ($7.49) comes with the wiener, a massive slice of brie cheese, and jam between croissant slices.

Sweet, crispy and gooey, with the flakey bun: it's the hot dog I didn't know I needed. 

grandma loves you torontoThe Sweden dog ($6.99) comes covered with crispy onions, mustard, ketchup and mustard. You can sub out your beef wiener for a kosher chicken sausage any time. 

grandma loves you torontoTo top it off, Grandma Loves You also has super tasty chocolate bar milkshakes ($6.99).

grandma loves you torontoJust pick your chocolate bar brand and they'll blend it with milk.

grandma loves you torontoThere's lots of love put into each of these homey meals. A Nutella banana dessert ($5.59) is the finishing touch to a meal that your favourite grandma whipped up, just for you.

grandma loves you toronto

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Grandma Loves You

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Grandma Loves You

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