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Get Real Cafe

Eating at Get Real reminds me of Michael Pollan's maxim : Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. I think that this is good advice and that Get Real does a bang on job helping me take it.

I come to Get Real Cafe on a sunny afternoon, bringing a vegetarian friend for company. (This reminds me of nervous P.C . assertions from the 90s. Well, no I'm not a vegetarian, but my neighbour is ). But seriously, I eat meat, but not too much. My friend eats none. We get along just fine.

I order the daily special, a potato frittata that surprises with soft slices of thick potato and sweet potato, blue cheese and sharp cheddar, all snuggled in a soft pillow of fluffy egg. Generously graced with fresh dill and dill seed, this dish combines several of my favourite flavours in a novel take on an old classic. I love it!

Get Real Cafe Ossington

My friend orders miso soup and two salads: beet and chickpea. The soup is a veggie-laden riff on the standard miso, colourful and highly textured with celery roots and leaves, carrot and seaweed shreds. Thin noodles add substance but not too much starch, and a fine balance of miso paste allows earthy mushroom undertones to enchant.

Both beet and chickpea salads are laced with a pungent vinaigrette that is a little too strong for my taste, but as my friend cheerfully asserts, "I've had many a bland chickpea salad, and this is not one of them!" She loves the dressing, and quite literally eats it up.

Get Real Cafe

The key ingredient at Get Real? Freshness. Made-to-order, each dish at Get Real is a timely reminder that healthful eating can be delightful. Add a smiling server and a sunny dining room filled with vivid abstract paintings, and I'm ready to amend Pollard's maxim: Eat--at Get Real. Not too much. Mostly plants.

Lunch for two: $26 including tax and tip.

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