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Get Melted

Get Melted opened its doors at the very end of 2013 and has been bringing its own brand of upscale yet affordable grilled cheese to the Village ever since. The restaurant space is bright and airy, while its kitchen offers up both traditional and more imaginative sandwiches.

Get Melted Toronto

Melted cheese on grilled bread come in a variety of fashions at Get Melted, from the familiar Classic (cheddar, mozzarella, and mayo on white bread, $4.20) to the more exotic Elvis (cheddar, peanut butter, bacon on Texas white, $5.75), which on this day is left to the more adventurous. Chips and a pickle wedge are the normal if perfunctory sides, while hot sauce, ketchup, mustard and mayo are available tableside. There's also a DIY component should the mood so strike, with a variety of extra cheeses, meats fruits and vegetables, although we stick to what's officially on offer.

Get Melted Toronto

The meaty goat ($6.50) combines goat cheese, mozzarella, ham, and arugula on marble rye, pleasantly enough at that, with the tangy goat cheese coming strongly to the fore. The goat pairs with the thick cut, slightly sweet ham to draw the tastebuds in, while the mozzarella lingers in the background; the few flattened arugula leaves add some colour but not much more. The greasy rye isn't to die for, but the whole sandwich does have a certain richness to it.

Brie, mozzarella, pear, arugula, almonds and dijon on marble rye make La Poire ($6.90, lead photo) a busier sandwich than the goat, although because of the milder cheese its impact is lesser. The slightly warmed over pear and thinly slice brie don't really register, leaving mild mozzarella to carry the sandwich, something it's not quite able to do. Slivered almonds contribute a nice counterbalance texturally, but fancy french title notwithstanding this sandwich is a bit of a bore.

Get Melted Toronto

The Vegan ($5.75) doesn't really do a great job of impersonating a grilled cheese sandwich, but it works as its own thing. Artichoke and mustard combine to give the sandwich a vinegary zing, onions and roasted garlic add depth, while almonds provide a pleasing crunch. It might not work for everyone, but of the sandwiches we try it's probably the most well realized. Gluten free bread is also an option, if you're into that sort of thing (+$1).

Get Melted Toronto

Tomato soup ($2/$4) doesn't reinvent the wheel, and doesn't have to. Crunchy croutons gradually soften and add depth that the sweet, slightly thin soup doesn't necessarily have on its own. On a cold day though it hits the spot, and it's a well suited partner for the grilled cheese generally.

Get Melted Toronto

Get Melted offers a couple of grilled dessert sandwiches mixing sweet and savoury, including an aged cheddar with apple chutney ($5.75) and banana and nutella ($5.00). At the recommendation of our server though we land on the Grilled n Glazed ($5.00), a doughnut and cheddar grilled cheese sandwich, albeit in this case with an apple fritter substituting for the standard glazed as the chef is tinkering with the menu.

We are alerted to our doughnut's presence long before it arrives as the scent of cinnamon wafts, and it is a sight to behold, crisped up bun combining with melty cheese. The cheddar could use some more punch and it does feel a bit insubstantial in the end, but otherwise it kind of tastes like what you might imagine it would - strange and yet familiar at the same time, and not too bad at all.

Get Melted Toronto

Get Melted Cafe isn't breaking any new ground in the fast paced world of Toronto grilled cheese, but it is comfortable enough. Sandwiches are reasonably priced, if a bit slight, and atmosphere and service are friendly, though the kitchen isn't particularly expedient. As the price of the classic grilled cheese ($4.20) suggests, it's also a very THC friendly space. Suddenly the Elvis and the Grilled n Glazed make sense.

Get Melted Toronto

Photographs by Miranda Whist. Follow Anders on Twitter .

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