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Ruposhi Bangla

Ruposhi Bangla is a Bangladeshi restaurant tucked away in a small strip mall on Lawrence Avenue East.

The story of Ruposhi Bangla begins with another restaurant called Madinah Grill, which occupied the same strip mall for close to a decade.

Tito Khandaker, who was friends with the owner of Madinah Grill, recalls that they had excellent food, but didn't put much effort into its presentation.

ruposhi banglaWhen the owner eventually decided to close up shop, Tito stepped in, hoping to preserve Madinah Grill's original recipes.

The Khandakers purchased the space from their family friend and reopened the restaurant in late 2023 as Ruposhi Bangla.

ruposhi banglaTito's daughter Maria, who oversees the restaurant's day to day operations, explains that her family wanted to improve upon elements that were present in the previous iteration of the restaurant.

One specific element was the dining area. Though Madinah Grill was already a meeting place for people in the community, the Khandakers wanted to transform it into something that could also be an event space. ruposhi banglaThe renovated dining room looks like a cross between a diner and an art gallery.

Photos and artwork of Bangladesh hang above checkered floor tiles and cushy blue and brown booths. These pieces depict life in Bangladesh throughout the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s. ruposhi banglaMaria says that the family wanted to give the restaurant a timeless feel, while also emphasizing Bangladesh's history.

As mentioned previously, Ruposhi Bangla's menu shares many dishes in common with its predecessor. Curries, biryanis and bhortas are just some of the items that have carried over from its original lineup.

Several new dishes have also been added, in order to keep things fresh.

ruposhi banglaMango lassi ($4.99) is a staple of South Asian restaurants throughout the city. Like the best lassi, this drink strikes the right balance between thick and smooth.

Its creamy texture and fruity taste are the perfect counterpoints to some of the restaurant's spicier dishes. ruposhi banglaFuchka ($8.99), also called pani puri, are bite-sized balls filled with potatoes, chickpeas and tamarind water.

Their crispy shells are seasoned with a mix of fragrant spices, which recall traditional Bengali street food.

ruposhi banglaMuglai paratha ($9.99) is another popular street food, made from flaky paratha bread stuffed with eggs, onions and green chillies.ruposhi banglaSamosas (2 for $2.99) are filled with either chicken or veggies and garnished with sprouts and pink pakora sauce.ruposhi banglaVeggie Singara (2 for $3.99) are served with the same types of garnish, but distinguish themselves from the samosas with their larger size and rounder shape.ruposhi banglaLollipop chicken ($12.99) is an easy-to-share appetizer made from drumsticks coated in spicy red batter. ruposhi banglaIf you're looking for something more substantial, the chicken malai tikka ($13.99) and the chicken hariali tikka ($13.99) are both excellent options.

The malai tikka is seasoned with ginger and garlic, while the hariali tikka is made with mint and coriander, which gives it its striking green colour. Both dishes are served with a side of mint chutney, which complements the chicken's herbal notes.

ruposhi banglaRuposhi Bangla's butter chicken ($14.99) is a thick red curry that comes in a deep bowl. If you want to find the chicken, you'll have to dig for it!ruposhi banglaBeef haleem ($11.99) is a traditional stew made from grain, beef and spices.ruposhi banglaBeef tehari ($13.99) is a filling rice dish, topped with crispy onions, green chillies and chopped almonds. Tender pieces of beef are scattered throughout. ruposhi banglaSheesh kebab ($8.99) is a dish that combines two things that everyone loves: meat and spices. Minced chicken and ground beef kebabs are both available. Of the two, the beef type was my favourite. ruposhi banglaThough garlic naan ($2.99) doesn’t have quite the same "wow" factor as the other dishes, this fluffy bread is an indispensable part of any meal.

ruposhi banglaHaving seen a successful turn out during Eid, Maria and Tito hope that the restaurant will continue to see success in the future. ruposhi banglaRuposhi Bangla is located at 2680 Lawrence Avenue East.

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