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Gazo is a one-stop shop for summer treats and bubble tea. 

This popular Montreal transplant tries to cover all the hottest dessert trends. Not only does it offer boba, it also serves up liquid nitrogen ice cream and Japanese souffle pancakes, too. 

gazo torontoWhen it comes to bubble teas, you'll find an interesting and lean menu of milk and fruit teas (made without artificial syrups) along with your standard brown sugar options, tapioca options and cheese foam. 

gazo torontoThere's a lot of ice cream incorporated into the drinks, along with Oreo bits, if that's your thing. 

The Gazo Teas—which are fruit smoothies served with vanilla ice cream at the bottom—come in four flavours. 

gazo torontoThe Mango Gazo tea ($7.49) is definitely refreshing, and comes with a surprising serving of popping yogurt boba inside. 

gazo torontoThe signature Taro Babo ($5.99) is my favourite. It's made with fresh dairy, and unlike other taro-flavoured bubble teas, isn't painfully sweet and doesn't have an artificial violet colour. 

Instead, the cup is lined with a real taro and purple yam mixture, giving it more of a reddish colour. It comes with Oreo bits and mini sago pearls.

An Ice Boba Tea with vanilla ice cream ($6.49) has a sort of caramelized flavour. 

gazo torontoLiquid nitrogen ice cream is made fresh in-house per order, with four options like tiramisu and mango. 

gazo torontoThe Oreo Extreme ($5.99) is smooth and icy cold, served with a big cookie and little heart-shaped shovel spoons.  

The souffle pancakes($10.99) are great, and as jiggly and fluffy as you'd want them. I'd probably recommend the Gazo Souffle, which comes with vanilla sauce on top. 

gazo torontoThe Cheese Mousse Babo Souffle, while epic-looking, is not my jam.

The salty, cheesy sauce doesn't bring out the potential of the sweet pancakes beneath, which would taste better with a sweet sauce.

There's also tiramisu or a creme brulee version; I'd try those instead. 

gazo torontoConsidering all the bubble tea options in the city, Gazo does manage to stand out with its ice cream flavours and do-it-all approach.

gazo toronto

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