Fry Haus Toronto

Fry Haus

Fry Haus is a fast food counter fluent in German-Canadian street foods. Situated on Gerrard at Parliament, the tiny shop doesn't offer any seating but is equipped to handle take-out and delivery orders.

Fry Haus

The menu from owner Rod Meyers is listed on backlit boards and features burgers and sausages made in-house from freshly ground meat (halal, btw), plus schnitzel sandwiches, baumstriezel (sweet fried pretzel bread), potato pancakes and an array of fully loaded French fry dishes.

Fry Haus

Fries ($5/large, $3/small), as the name suggests, are a specialty. Done right, potatoes are freshly chopped, skins still-on and twice-fried for optimal golden crispness. House made dips ($1) are available in almost a dozen varieties like garlic dill cream and spicy (seriously they're not joking) three-pepper ranch.

Fry Haus

Currywurst mit Fritten ($6) comes packed into a box with fries and a skillet-cooked sausage smothered in a rich tomato-based curry sauce and finished with a smattering of dry spice mix.

Fry Haus

Shnitzel sandwiches ($5) are available in chicken, veal or fish loaded onto a long white bun customizable with a choice of house-made condiments, mustards, pickles and fresh toppings. I try the chicken, an enormous pounded poultry filet coated in blistering golden batter. Not only is it good, but priced at $5, it's an impressive value.

Fry Haus

Sides ($5/large, $3/small) of krautslaw and potato salad are welcome cold, fresh accompaniments. The potato salad is especially good and is mixed to order with creamy house dill dressing, crumbled hard boiled egg and chopped pickles and red onion.

Come warmer weather, the plan is to add a range of house-made ice creams that will be available through the walk-up window. Delivery will be provided via JustEat and is expected to launch any day now.

Fry Haus

Fry Haus is currently open Monday through Friday from 11am to 9pm and on Saturdays starting at noon.

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Photos by Jesse Milns

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