Dolce Gelato

This hot and humid weather calls for drastic measures. Looking for a way to cool down I recently headed over to Dolce Gelato on College. The relatively new gelateria was doing brisk business. Customers of all shapes and sizes were lounging out front while others gathered around the tables indoors savouring the last taste of gelato flavours that range from mango to tiramisu.


While tempted to relive my youth with a scoop of the bubble gum, I ultimately opted for a cup with a scoop of passion fruit and a scoop of wild berry. Both were great. And just like most ice cream stores they let you taste as many flavours as you want before you make your final selection.

For immediate consumption, gelato is served in three cup sizes or two cone varities. Prices average in the $3-5 range. They also offer larger tubs for those looking to fill in some freezer space.

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Dolce Gelato, 697 College Street, 416-915-0756

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