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Adda Bistro

Adda Bistro serves up a menu of Indian-meets-Western eats, like chicken tikka plus pizza, and gulab jamun in cheesecake. 

Formerly home to the pan-African restaurant Kiza, this sprawling restaurant in Moss Park offers high ceilings, booth seats and a stage for performances (during less sleepy times). 

adda bistro torontoThis quiet spot feels more like a lounge or a bar than a bistro, with a mixed menu that serves Indian in several different ways. There's butter chicken ($16.99), but there's also butter chicken patty burgers, with fries. 

adda bistro torontoThe palak paneer cannelloni ($15.99) is a signature dish. The Italian classic takes cannelloni pasta shells, made in-house, and stuffs them with spinach and paneer with cheddar.

adda bistro torontoInstead of basic tomato sauce, it's a tomato-based coconut cream. 

adda bistro torontoPani puri shots ($9.99) are quite an experience. This Indian snack gets a strange treatment by arriving atop shot glasses of Adda's take on imli pani or tamarind water, which is usually served with pani puri. 

adda bistro torontoThe idea is to eat the crispy puri, which are filled with mashed potato,  then take a sip of water flavoured with peach, mango or orange. It's tangy, with some spice. Even after a stir, the taste is perplexing. The option to get shots of tequila might be more appealing for some. 

adda bistro torontoVada pav ($6.99) is a Mumbai street food staple served with chili and mint sauce. 

adda bistro torontoIf you love both gulab jamun and cheesecakes, you'll find them wedded together here, with this popular milk solid sweet inside a dense cheesecake with berries and caramelized popcorn on the side.

adda bistro torontoThere's a large menu of drinks, both alcoholic and not, including some Indian-inspired cocktails like the Kurry Confidential ($10.99), with curry leaves, tamarind, gin and jaggery, or the Kala Khatta, with mint leaves, vodka and kala khatta syrup. 

adda bistro torontoFor something more basic, grab an Oreo milkshake to complete the mish-mash of American diner classics and Indian street food.

adda bistro toronto

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