14 Boswell Ave. Toronto

This Toronto home is $3.5 million and only has two bedrooms

Luxury homes come in all shapes and sizes. Some are sprawling mansions with more bathrooms than days of the week. Others are penthouse condos with rooftop swimming pools

But it's generally agreed that homes over $2.5 million should offer something above and beyond, or, at the very least, have enough rooms with doors that if you and your partner wanted to work from home your options aren't just the kitchen table or the guest bed. 

And yet, this semi-detached house in the Annex is listed for $3,488,800 and only has two bedrooms, which are the only two rooms in the house with closing doors (apart from bathrooms, of course) 14 Boswell Ave. Toronto

The kitchen with stone counters and integrated appliances. 

And that seems a little underwhelming for such a big price tag, if you ask us. 

14 Boswell Ave. Toronto

The custom-built staircase around the fireplace. 

The most stunning feature of the heritage home is the floating oak and glass staircase that wraps around the exposed brick fireplace and chimney from the basement all the way to the fourth floor deck. 

14 Boswell Ave. Toronto

The stairs leading to the rooftop patio. 

But apart from that, there isn't a lot that's special about 14 Boswell Ave. (or worth the almost $3.5 million price tag).

14 Boswell Ave. Toronto

The dining room. 

On the main floor, there's the living room, dining room, and kitchen. 

14 Boswell Ave. Toronto

The greenhouse extension off the kitchen. 

The kitchen might be the second nicest part of the house, thanks to its greenhouse extension that brings in tons of natural light. 

14 Boswell Ave. Toronto

The guest bedroom. 

On the second floor of the home, you'll find one of the two bedrooms with an ensuite bathroom. 

14 Boswell Ave. Toronto

The office. 

The family room and an open-concept office area are also on the second floor. 

14 Boswell Ave. Toronto

The primary bedroom has a fireplace. 

The primary bedroom is on the third level of the house. 

14 Boswell Ave. Toronto

The primary ensuite bathroom with a walk-in shower and deep soaker tub. 

It features a large walk-in closet and a six-piece ensuite bathroom with a similar greenhouse extension as the kitchen. 

14 Boswell Ave. Toronto

The living room on the main floor. 

So all pretty standard stuff in terms of a semi-detached house in the Annex, and it doesn't even have a parking space, which is also disappointing. 

14 Boswell Ave. Toronto

A view of the open-concept main floor. 

Now, granted it's in a prime location, so this house will always be more expensive than a similarly-sized home in a less desirable neighbourhood.

14 Boswell Ave. Toronto

The primary bedroom walk-in closet. 

However, just last month a home only one street over that had more living space, an extra bedroom, and more land sold for $1 million less. It also had more recent upgrades. 

14 Boswell Ave. Toronto

The rooftop patio. 

Looking back at other comparable homes sold in the neighbourhood, the going rate for this type of house seems to be around $2.5 million. 

14 Boswell Ave. Toronto

The family room near the office on the second floor. 

But maybe there's a new trend where the more closed rooms you have the cheaper the house.

14 Boswell Ave. Toronto

The backyard. 

We could have sworn the era of open concept living was on the way out after the pandemic, but perhaps not. 

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