100 railroad street brampton

Brampton could be getting a rooftop restaurant perched 40 floors above the city

When residents of Toronto's sprawling suburbs want to live large dining high above a cityscape, they usually have to take a trip out of the 905 and into the city centre for one of the many restaurants perched dozens of floors over the downtown core.

That could all change courtesy of a bold new proposal for a residential tower in Brampton's downtown that would feature a restaurant perched over three-dozen storeys above the suburb's emerging city centre.

The new development proposal from Everlast Group calls for a 42-storey mixed-use tower at 100 Railroad Street, far taller than anything else on the Brampton skyline today.

100 railroad street brampton

Renderings of the development reveal that the plan has been dubbed Boutin Tower in an apparent self-congratulatory nod to Everlast company president Jimmy Boutin.

Designed by MAKOR Architecture, the building might not appear in any architecture magazines in years to come, though its height of 155 metres would cement it into immediate landmark status, overtaking all other points on the local skyline.

A retail base spanning two floors would be anchored by a grocery store and lined with storefronts, topped by 320 market rental suites spread over 38 levels.

100 railroad street brampton

Like any prominent landmark, the developers are seeking to include something that locals can experience for themselves in the form of a bi-level restaurant crowning the tower, spanning the 41st and 42nd floors.

No information is included in the application regarding which restaurateur would operate this space, but whatever the price point or type of cuisine, the restaurant's elevated views are sure to be a draw for locals.

100 railroad street brampton

Positioned 10 minutes on foot or to minutes by car from Brampton GO station, the developer hopes that the site will attract transit-minded residents looking for housing with quick connections to the surrounding GTA region.

This is Brampton, though, so vehicle parking is a given. Boutin Tower will house not only two full floors of underground parking, but an additional 60 stalls of surface parking that will combine with surrounding roadways to form an impenetrable moat of asphalt around the building, complicating any hopes of pedestrian animation.

100 railroad street brampton

If the car-free residents and patrons of these retail spaces manage to safely cross this hostile ring of roads and parking, there are indeed many nearby destinations that are, in fact, more friendly to pedestrian movement.

100 railroad street brampton

The Boutin Tower would put residents within a short walk of downtown Brampton destinations like Garden Square, Gage Park, the Rose Theatre, and the Chris Gibson Park and Recreation Centre.

Or, you could simply book a table at that rooftop resto and see it all without ever leaving your building.

If you live in Brampton and are excited by the prospect of dining dozens of floors above the city, I wouldn't hold out for a table any time soon, as proposals like these — especially the tall ones — often go through years of consultations and approvals before shovels can hit the ground.

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