165 Nairn Ave Toronto

This $500K three-bedroom might be the cheapest house in Toronto right now

While housing prices have markedly decreased in recent months, it's been a while since any house, detached or semi-detached, has been listed for under $800K. 

Even houses that were listed for $800K were usually in pretty rough shape, like barely-had-walls rough shape, or was only a part of a house.  

But with rising interest rates and just a general cooling of the market, maybe this reasonably priced home will be just the beginning. 

165 nairn ave toronto

The kitchen and dining room. 

Listed for $499,000, 165 Nairn Ave. boasts three bedrooms, two bathrooms and one parking space. 

165 Nairn Ave. Toronto

The front entrance. 

Full disclosure, the home is being sold "as is," which means it definitely needs a lot of work.

165 nairn ave toronto

The primary bedroom.

There are signs of water damage in multiple parts of the house and likely a bunch of other things that would show up on an inspection report. 

165 nairn ave toronto

The stairs leading to the second floor. 

But overall it doesn't look as rough as some of the other homes we've seen on the market in recent months. 

165 nairn ave toronto

The kitchen. 

The main floor has the living room and kitchen.

165 Nairn Ave. Toronto

Plenty of space for a whole dining room set. 

The kitchen is eat-in so it can also function as your dining room. 

165 nairn ave toronto

The living room with wood flooring.

Everything is pretty dated and the living room is only as wide as a three-seater couch, but there's usually always potential.

165 Nairn Ave. Toronto

The primary bedroom. 

Upstairs there are the three bedrooms and a bathroom. There are doesn't seem to be any closet space, so storage is definitely an issue. 

165 nairn ave toronto

The upstairs bathroom. 

The bathroom has seen better days. The paint is chipping and some tile is missing. 

165 Nairn Ave. Toronto

The laundry room. 

In the basement there's another bathroom, a rec room and laundry.

165 Nairn Ave. Toronto

The downstairs bathroom. 

This basement bathroom is probably the worst part of the house, with floor missing and walls crumbling and falling apart. 

165 Nairn Ave. Toronto

The backyard with the shed. 

The home also has a small private backyard with a shed. 

165 Nairn Ave. Toronto

The parking spot.

The home will likely go for more than the $499,000 it's listed at, but HouseSigma, a website that uses artificial intelligence technology to estimate home value, puts the house value at $566,690

165 nairn ave toronto

The front porch. 

And when you think about it, that's still pretty decent for a house in central Toronto. 

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