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Police warn of scam involving Toronto's most notorious sketchy condo complex

Another day, another scam involving Toronto's infamous ICE Condominiums.

Toronto Police are warning the public of yet another shady rental scheme where potential tenants are believed to be signing a lease for a unit at the complex.

Cops say multiple units at 12 York Street are advertised as rentals on Kijiji where suspects speak with victims through telephone or texts to discuss property details. 

These suspects are so brazen, they pretend to be rental agents and meet with victims in person, offering tours of units. But they aren't rental agents at all, just short-term renters who have access to the complex and keys to the unit, further fooling victims.

Once victims see the unit and are satisfied with the proposed (fake) rental agreements, they end up signing contracts and forward deposits through money transfers or cash.

The suspects then hand over the keys to the victims who move in and spend their first night at the infamous ICE complex.

The next day, the victims are surprised to see cleaners at their front doors informing them they need to leave the units immediately.

During this time, once deposits are accepted by the scammers, they quickly block all contact with victims.

Victims tell police that their numbers were blocked and they couldn't communicate with their fake agents at all. Of course, these scammers use a ton of different names when posing as property owners or rental agents, in attempts to cover their tracks.

This isn't a new scam either, around nine months ago, police released a similar advisory where people were scammed at both ICE condo towers.

As a result, police are warning the public to "be mindful" when signing any rental agreement or deposits and to rent through legitimate companies.

It is also advised renters speak with building property owners and confirm that the unit is indeed available.

Whether it's elevators filled with blood, a complete ban of party Airbnbs or multiple shootings, it seems there's always something unpleasant happening at ICE.

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