239 dundas east

Hourglass-shaped condo to rise across the street from seedy Toronto strip club

Condos are popping up everywhere in Toronto, including in places that would have seemed like a hard sell just a decade earlier.

The stretch of Dundas Street east of Jarvis Street has been popping off with new developments since the mid-2010s, and the wave of change continues to press east with the latest new development application for the area, aiming to bring a 49-storey condominium tower to a site across the street from strip club Filmore's Hotel.

And in a possible but unlikely nod to the strip club to the northeast, the new condo tower at 239 Dundas Street East from developer Metropia would bring an hourglass-shaped figure to the neighbourhood with its design from Turner Fleischer Architects.

239 dundas east

Aerial view looking southwest over the proposed condo tower at 239 Dundas Street East.

The redevelopment would affect properties stretching from 239 to 255 Dundas East, including a Papa John's pizza location and a handful of rental units.

A two-storey base building plans to include the retained heritage facade of 241 Dundas East, wrapping around Pembroke Street, where a residential entrance would be located. This base would also contain 198.4 square metres of new retail space, maintaining a retail presence along the Dundas frontage.

239 dundas east

An existing heritage building would be incorporated into the base of the new condominium tower.

Above, the tower would rise to a height of just over 245 metres with a design that sets itself apart from its surroundings. Renderings depict a distinctive mid-section where the tower floorplate reduces, and the vertical piers that line the tower facades bow inwards to form something of an hourglass shape before reverting to the typical floorplate above.

The proposal includes 670 condominium units along with eight new rentals replacing existing units that would be lost in the redevelopment. The condo mix includes 93 studios, 373 one-bedrooms, and 204 two-bedroom units, while the rental replacements are planned in a mix of three one-bedrooms, four two-bedrooms, and a single three-bedroom unit.

239 dundas east

The tower podium has been designed to match the height of existing buildings and nearby tower bases.

In a sign of the changing city requirements for mandated parking minimums, only six parking spaces are proposed across the entire development, with five for visitors and a single car-share parking space.

Instead, much of the development's population is expected to rely on 631 bicycle parking spaces along with seven non-resident bike spaces.

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Turner Fleischer Architects

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