173 Quebec Ave Toronto

Mini apartment building that's a rare find in Toronto for sale at $2.8 million

Toronto has its fair share of duplexes and triplexes but a legal quadplex, sometimes called a fourplex, well now that's a rare find! 

This one located just south of The Junction could be a the perfect opportunity for someone searching for a property to add to their real estate portfolio or just get into the real estate investing game.  173 Quebec Ave. Toronto

A newly renovated kitchen in the first floor unit. 

That's because quadplexes are kind of the best kept secret in the real estate investing game, according to expert Andrew Herrig

173 Quebec Ave Toronto

The bedroom in the lower level unit. 

"The quadplex has some unique benefits as a real estate investment that you can’t find anywhere else," he says, explaining that it's the largest building you can buy while still qualifying for a single family mortgage. 

173 Quebec Ave Toronto

The living area in the one-bedroom apartment. 

As far as quadplexes' go this Toronto one is ideal.  

173 Quebec Ave Toronto

The bedroom in one of the two-bedroom apartments that walks-out onto the balcony. 

There are three two-bedroom apartments on the above ground floors and a one-bedroom unit in the basement. 

173 Quebec Ave Toronto

The living room in a two-bedroom apartment. 

The units are spacious, bright and well maintained. 

173 Quebec Ave Toronto

The newly renovated bathroom in the first floor unit. 

Additionally, the realtor notes that the apartment on the first floor was completely renovated this year. 

173 Quebec Ave Toronto

One of the older kitchens in one of the apartments. 

That being said, the other units are in need of some upgrades, particularly the kitchens and bathrooms. It's also an older building so it's unclear if the structure will need work as well. 

173 Quebec Ave Toronto

The backyard area. 

Other things to note about this building is there's coin laundry on-site, a three car garage and a landscaped backyard with a patio area. 

173 Quebec Ave Toronto

A view of an empty unit. 

Realtor Carol Foderick also points out in the listing that there's potential for more "intensification" with the addition of a storey/coach house. 

173 Quebec Ave Toronto

The one-bedroom unit kitchen and living area. 

Location wise it's super convenient being only half a block from the subway and High Park. 

173 Quebec Ave Toronto

An aerial view of the building and neighbourhood. 

And all this could be yours for the tidy sum of $2,789,000. Not to shabby if you think about how much you could make off rent!

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