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The Toronto mansion from Schitt's Creek is on sale for almost $15 million

The luxurious mansion from the hit show Schitt’s Creek is up for sale in Toronto for a whopping $14,980,000.

You can now live in the same house that the Golden Globe-nominated Levys and their fictional Rose family lived in prior to their backwater motel, since 30 Fifeshire Rd. is now back on the market.

schitts creek mansion toronto

The mansion from the hit show Schitt's Creek is now up for sale. 

The French Chateau-style limestone mansion in the York Mills and Bayview area, which has been dubbed "La Belle Maison", was built in 2012.

schitts creek mansion toronto

The home located by York Mills and Bayview is currently up for sale for $14,980,000.

This isn't the first time it's been up for sale since 2018, though it was far more expensive two years ago.schitts creek mansion toronto

The home is nicknamed "La Belle Maison" due to its Versailles-inspired design.

The 24,000-square-foot home was built to resemble Versailles, hence the boujee French nickname. 

schitts creek mansion toronto

The home makes several appearances during Schitt's Creek.

With a whopping 12 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, a home theatre, golf simulator, wine cellar, and two pools (one indoor, another outside), you could easily fit several families in here. 

schitts creek mansion toronto

The house has been up on the market at decreasing prices since 2018.

Fans of the six-season show might recognize the Sistine Chapel-inspired foyer, where the Rose family scrambled to take all their stuff before being repossessed by the bank. 

You can also spot it in a Schitt's Creek Christmas special.

schitts creek mansion toronto

The home was no longer being used as part of Schitt's Creek even before the show was discontinued.

The Toronto property has actually been for sale on and off since 2018, when it was first listed at 21,788,000.

The price continued to drop off to $19,880,000, then $16,880,000. All things considered, I guess this is a steal? 

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