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One of Toronto's tallest condos wants to add another nine storeys on top

Condo developers in Toronto are fighting for the title of tallest building in the country, and The One has recently pushed forward as the front runner with a mindboggling height increase. 

Mizrahi Development's supertall condo, which resumed construction at Yonge and Bloor in September, has just applied to add eight storeys atop its current 86-storey design. 

If the City approves, The One would stand at 94 storeys, making it the tallest residential building in Canada when it's complete. 

the one toronto

The One has recently applied to add an extra nine storeys to its current 86-storey design. Photo by Mizrahi Developments via City of Toronto application.

That would add around 30 metres to the current plans by Foster + Partners and Core Architects, which was initially proposed to be 308.6 metres tall. 

Why the added height, and why now, you ask? The developer's reasoning is that, given the number of new redevelopments in the area, former concerns around shadow impact on the neighbourhood no longer apply.  

"Issues relating to shadow impact have changed, given the additional construction that has occurred," state the project's new Planning Rationale documents. 

"Based on the enclosed Shadow Study, prepared by CORE Architects, the proposed increased tower height no longer casts a significant shadow impact."

the one toronto

The One's new 94-storey design will make it the tallest residential tower in Canada. Photo by Mizrahi Developments via City of Toronto application.

Not included in the proposal made in December is the incentive to build higher than any of the other massive skyscrapers set to transform Toronto's skyline.

That includes Frank Gehry's pair of Mirvish+Gehry towers on Duncan Street, which has one 91-storey building, or Pontarini's 95-storey SkyTower (the current front runner for tallest residential in Canada).

Though the latter has more floors, it tops out at 312.5 metre at the top of its parapet wall, around 36 metres shorter than The One's new height.

The One's additional nine storeys would see an extra 89 residential units, but according to the City application, would "not create an obvious change to the appearance of the building... At street level, there will be no noticeable change at all." 

Whether we notice it at all isn't important, because construction will go on either way. 

Lead photo by

Mizrahi Development via City of Toronto application

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