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You can now be Drake's neighbour in Toronto and this is how much it costs

Drake has certainly not been shy about showing off the lavish Toronto mansion he's been living in for just over a year now, and though the sprawling 50,000 square feet of space, indoor basketball court and 210-foot-long outdoor pool may be way over budget for most, there is now a chance to live the high life like Drizzy and become his neighbour.

Not one, but three properties on Drake's street in the Bridle Path have been listed for sale in recent days. But, as could have been expected based on the fact that the rapper paid around $6.7 million for his land alone, the dream isn't attainable for just any old fan.

Numbers 15, 42 and 45 Park Lane Circle are currently up for grabs for a whopping $15 million, $18 million, and $14.5 million, respectively, and though there's no indication of why so many houses on the block are being listed right now — we all know the pandemic has had little-to-no negative effect on the wealthiest among us — it's clear that the neighbourhood will remain one reserved exclisively for the ultra rich.

The homes are absolutely stunning, no doubt, but with Toronto's notoriously overvalued housing market, it's hard to say if they really seem worth the ticket price.

drake house

15 Park Lane Circle, on Drake's street, for sale for $14,999,000. Photo from the Realtor.ca listing.

The first of the three is a beautiful traditional Tudor-style home on a two acre lot, and features beautiful dark wood accents in the 7,000 square-foot interior, along with a movie theatre, tennis court and a whole lot of other extras. 

But, for a cool $15 mill, it's admittedly an older-looking home that would require a bit of landscaping and other work to be in tip-top shape.

drake house

42 Park Lane Circle, on Drake's street, for sale for $18,000,000. Photo from the Realtor.ca listing.

A little down the street, another home for sale offers far more opulent interiors and gardens, with coffered ceilings, elaborate murals, a wine cellar and more than 19,000 square feet of space on two acres.

Listed at $18 million, this sumptuous estate definitely appears fit for royalty, and is the nicest (and most expensive) of those available — if you want to live a stone's throw from an international superstar, you've got to have deep pockets and luxury tastes.

drake house

45 Park Lane Circle, on Drake's street, for sale for $14,500,000. Photo from the Realtor.ca listing.

Just next door is 45 Park Lane Circle, also for sale, but for far less.

Though most of us will never accumulate anywhere close to $14.5 million in our entire lifetime, this Bridle Path home seems to be a bit of a fixer-upper.

The listing only provides two photos, both of the exterior of the mansion and both showing evidently unkempt grounds. "Wonderful opportunity to live, renovate or build the home of your dreams," it reads, implying that anyone with millions to spare to buy a house will likely want this one gutted or completely demolished.

The main selling feature of the home seems to be the fact that it is on "the best street in this cachet area known to attract both superstars and corporate luminaries alike," meaning that yes, you kind of would be paying that much money just to live near our dear old Aubrey, who resides at number 21.

With his freakishly tall fences, though, even living right next door wouldn't guarantee you a glimpse of the performer, let alone an invitation to a post-pandemic barbecue or a pool party.

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