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You can now stay overnight on the Toronto Islands

There's no longer a hotel you can stay at on the Toronto Islands but a cottage for rent might be the next best thing.

The home, which was recently listed on Airbnb, could be a good option for those who want a staycation that's a bit different than your typical urban getaway.

As a result of the pandemic, a local Toronto designer named Bennett Milborne had time to fully renovate and furnish his home on the Toronto Islands.

"After living on the island for numerous years and planning renovations, the pandemic seemed like the perfect opportunity to seize the challenge of renovating," Milborne told blogTO.

"It was quite the process and very daunting to be completed during the challenges of pandemic protocols but I couldn’t be more thrilled to share it," says Milborne.

toronto island airbnb

The kitchen counter inside the cottage.

Milborne says his background in design helped with interior selections and the creative process.

"Upon completion, I first opened the space up to friends and family and after stellar reviews decided to post it on Airbnb so more people could enjoy themselves," he said.

The two-bedroom cottage boasts a laptop-friendly workspace as well as WiFi, a full kitchen, waterfront access, and epic views.

Unfortunately, the cottage does not allow pets and the canoe on site is not for guest use, according to the listing.

Milborne committed to Airbnb's enhanced cleaning protocol to ensure COVID-19-appropriate levels of cleaning and sanitization at his property.

"Each booking is automatically spaced apart for the enhanced cleaning process and there is a minimum of 24 hours between guests," he said.

Milborne's property was a hot commodity when he first listed it but bookings have died down.

"The listing was up on Airbnb for roughly 20 minutes before the first booking request was received but since then I have received three new bookings with plenty of availability remaining."

toronto islands airbnb

The living room inside the cottage.

Milborne told blogTO that his house is the perfect place for small groups of friends, families or even a couple's getaway.

It's a great escape from the city and Milborne says he is thrilled there’s been a positive response so far.

"Being situated just eight minutes south of the city makes for the perfect retreat that's just far enough. I think people will enjoy the experience of taking the ferry and discovering the hidden beauty of the islands and all that they have to offer," he said.

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