Toronto condo company with embarrassing marketing tries to get in on joke about itself

The condo company that has become known across the city for absolutely cringeworthy marketing that includes references to "trash pandas" and such statements as "street graffiti is my art gallery" has decided to try and get in on the joke about itself.

A billboard by JAC Condos, a residential tower slated for Jarvis and Carlton Streets, went viral on social media last week for its hit-and-miss attempts to seem "Toronto".

Residents have now noticed that the Graywood Group and Phantom Developments, which are behind the project, have redone the billboard to acknowledge their own out-of-touchness.

What may appear at first to be some humorous photoshopping of the original billboard photo — perhaps one of the many parodies of the ad that have been popping up — has seemingly been confirmed as the real deal by JAC's own Instagram account.

Hello, youth. Welcome to JAC.

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"Toronto's cringing," one of the new billboard's lines reads — an obvious nod to social media captions and headlines about the early JAC marketing.

"How do you do, fellow kids?" another says, referencing a popular meme that was mentioned by many online in connection to JAC's copy. 

"An ad campaign made by 45 year olds," reads another part of the billboard, quoting blogTO's initial coverage of it.

Though the move could potentially be considered a smart one, it has some people in Toronto hating the forthcoming development even more.

"I can't believe they actually spent the money to make themselves look even cringier," one Reddit user posted on a thread about the revamped billboard. "Ha ha ha it was a joke! GET IT? Ha ha ha...." another added.

Which one of you did this?! from r/toronto

As the company tries to save face, the attention its clumsy marketing tactics are garnering has led to not only a whole lot of jokes, but also valuable discourse about the state of the housing market and the cost of living in Toronto.

Many note that the "authentic downtown living" that JAC promises from the low $400,000s is completely out of reach for the exact demographic the company seems to be advertising to.

Young people in the city and the country at large have generally had to accept the fact that they will never be able to afford homes in the way that previous generations have, given things like current housing prices, the job market and the overall economy.

The condo's ad copy, for this reason, is not only stunningly off-base because of its lameness, but also the fact that it is in a way a bit of an affront to the city's young and/or poor who will likely never "know JAC," as the complex's slogan goes, amid the gentrification of areas like Jarvis and Carlton.

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