Update on This Ain't the Rosedale Library

Charlie and Jesse Huisken, owners of This Ain't the Rosedale Library, have posted an update on their website addressing the notice of distress spotted on their storefront door Saturday.

"For a year we worked in this space happily, until the recession hit with full force and we began to fall behind with our rent," the Huiskens write. The notice posted on the bookstore's door indicates they owe $40,000 plus costs, risking eviction within five days.

"Our response to this situation was similar to that of any small retail business," they continue. "We bought shrewdly, held regular events, did book tables for small press launches, conferences and author appearances, did not invest in advertising, fixtures, signage or renovations, kept only minimal staff (the store has one part-time staff person), and most importantly worked full-time or more with long store hours, while drawing the absolute minimum for our own rent and expenses."

The Huiskens say that they were able to pay back rent gradually and maintained an amicable relationship with their landlord. That is, until just recently.

"Quite suddenly this changed. Our landlord became impatient with the rate at which we were able to pay her and made demands for large repayments, without providing a precise accounting of what was owing."

The Huiskens say they then made an informal proposal to their landlord (the details of which they don't reveal) but only received further demands until locks were changed on June 19. They have made an offer to their landlord once again and are asking for public support to help organize a fundraiser. The Huiskens are also accepting PayPal donations though their website.

As many of us suspected, it's a predictable, yet nevertheless unfortunate situation for another independent Toronto bookstore.

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